Obviously one of the main causes of razor burn is improper shaving. You won’t get a razor burn if you don’t shave or if you know how to shave the right way. Razor burns occur when the freshly shaved skin becomes irritated due to some specific reason. A newly shaved skin is very sensitive and is vulnerable to infections and anything that irritates the skin is seen in the form of a razor burn. There are many reasons for getting a nasty, painful and irritating razor burn. Here are some causes of razor burn.

What Cause Razor Burn

  • Hair not softened and hair follicles too tight

number of Causes of razor burn

The hair needs to be softened, and the hair follicles loosened before it is cut. When the hair is firm and hard, it is very difficult to cut. This means that you would have to apply lots of pressure on the skin to cut hair, which is not good. Also, if there is friction between the blade and the hair, the blade would grab and pull the hair causing shaving bumps. You need to soak your skin in warm water for about two or three minutes before you start shaving.

  • Skin not properly moisturized

Not applying proper moisturizer before shaving is also one of the main causes of razor burn. Shaving on dry skin gives the blade more area over the skin rather than over the hair. People who have thicker, coarser hair cannot simply make do with just water. Water dries off the surface of the skin and leaves the skin dry and vulnerable. You need to use a shaving cream for this purpose and it pays well to invest in a good one. Using an aloe vera based shaving gel is good as it acts as a good smooth lubricant and helps the blade to slide smoothly over the skin.

  • Dull or dirty blade

A dull blade is strictly not advisable for shaving purposes. The dull blade has rough edges, which catch onto the hair. When you pull the blade over the skin, it grabs and pulls the hair. This causes razor bumps. A dirty blade can also be a potential cause for razor burn. You should always keep the razor clean and dry. A dirty blade has harmful germs, which get transferred onto the freshly cut skin and this becomes a place for them to propagate. This can cause a red colored inflaming rash. You should dip the blade in alcohol after shaving and dry it out properly. This would keep the blade sharper for a longer period of time.

causes of shaving bumps

  • Applying too much pressure

People get tempted to apply pressure to get smooth shaved skin. They think that by a slight pressure, they can cut closer to the surface. Yes indeed, it is true but that’s not advisable if you deal with razor burns regularly. This can probably take off a thin layer of the surface and if you have sensitive skin, then it may become the cause of razor burn.

  • Using skin strong and harmful substances after shaving

Take your deodorant canister and have a closer look at what is written at the back. Many of these clearly indicate not to use it on cut or broken skin. The prime reason behind that is it contains alcohol based chemicals and alcohol always irritates the shaved skin. If you use such a liquid on the shaved surface, it is very likely that you will get a razor burn. You should use a good moisturizer every time after you shave.

Many say that shaving against the grain is also one of the prime causes of razor burn. When you shave against the grain, the hair resists that opposite movement. The hair could be pulled due to this movement in the opposite direction causing razor bumps. However, there are also experts who say that this is the right way of shaving. At any rate, it pays to try which shaving direction suits you best. Just be sure to be guided by the above causes of razor burn when shaving.