Bras were developed during late 19th century with many common bra designs made. Since then, they have become the female icon and the symbol of a girl in her coming of age. The purpose of bra is to cover the breast but now it is also use to elevate and support the breast and shapes the one who wears it. You can find various types, functionality, designs and fabric in this type of underwear. It is essential for a woman to know the different common bra designs for her to pick the perfect one for her.

straight size market bra common design

In case you are looking for your own perfect bra, here are the common types:

  1. Bandeau bra – This type of bra has a simple ensemble of fabric through the breast. This type has only a little support when it comes to elevation and shaping.
  2. Adhesive bra – This type has no strap which makes it a little supporting to your breast. It is use for clothes that are backless and strapless. A bra that will adheres to the breast. You can find paper style which is disposable after using. Silicone type can be washed and used again.
  3. Corset – One of the best common bra designs that shapes and molds the women wearing it to make into a desirable shape. It also good in promoting a good posture and is very comfortable since the weight of the breast is carried by the corset.
  4. Demi bra – This type has a half-cup to cover the breast with wide straps. This bra gives emphasize to the cleavage. But this bra type offers less support to the breast and ideal to wear on low cut clothing.
  5. Balconette bra – This bra is similar to Demi bra which adds a sexy look. The slight different is on the middle part because it does not have the straight horizontal line for the purpose of adding shape to your bust line.
  6. Full Support bra – This one is design for full support since the whole breast is covered. This type is good to be worn daily.
  7. Maternity bra – This bra is designed for women who are pregnant. The bra expands and will adjust to the breast during the course of pregnancy period.

usual bra back design

Here are some of the common bra designs you can choose. You can find more types through the internet which makes might be perfect for you.