The scent of Armani perfume is unparalleled. Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani was behind these unique fragrances. Armani launched his men and women’s clothing brand in 1975 and from then on there was no stopping him. In collaboration with other designers, he went into designing jeans, undergarments, accessories and in partnership with L’Oreal created a new line of beauty fragrances and the Armani perfume collection. Giorgio Armani Beauty first launched the Armani for Women in 1982, and then the Armani for Men in 1984.


The Armani perfume collection is considered to be among the world’s top-selling fragrances. It has made its mark in the hearts of men and women alike. The brand is continuing to expand and innovate making more people excited for their new products. The variety for men and women scents covered by the Armani perfume collection is diverse. There’s a scent fitting for everyone.

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Armani Perfume Collection

Armani Code Perfume For Women

  • Armani Code For Women Eau De Parfum – the fragrance is a blend of orange flower with a touch of ginger and drops of honey-sandalwood that produces that citrusy, sweet and pampered smell. A woman can definitely relax and reinvigorate when putting on this perfume.
  • Armani Code Women Sheer Eau De Toilette – a fusion of orange blossom, neroli, cyclamen, jasmine, and lily-of-the-valley makes this scent light and heavenly. This is suitable for women who love bright and elegant scents.
  • Armani Code Women Summer – this scent is a bold encounter of the sun and the sea air created through the amalgamation of orange blossom, ginger, and pear. Another interpretation for this collection is vanilla eau de toilette from the combination of bergamot orange essence, pear chord that’s got the rich blend of fresh fruits.
  • Armani Code Luna Eau De Toilette – as its name signifies, luna offers the mysterious scent comparable to the moon. It is delicate yet fierce, sweet yet cool.

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Armani Perfume For Women

  • Acqua Di Gio – a bringing in of sweet fruits and flower sweetness and delight. With a combination of melon and pear with jasmine, rose, lily and hyacinth, Acqua Di Gio the musk creates a garden blossom.
  • Acqua Di Gioia – carefully put together to produce the aquatic-floral smell, this scent is a combination of mint leaves, brown sugar with a sprinkle of Italian Limone. To add to the blossoming scent, an array of aquatic Jasmine, pink pepper, dew of Peony and subtle fragrances of Labdanum and Cedar wood are added.
  • Acqua Di Gioia Satin – this classic scent is a rainforest on its own. The ingredients are fruits, flowers and tree only sourced out from the best localities. This scent also has the touch of pearl version which adds an aquatic blend to the forest. It is best for any season that gives out that fresh, light and clean feeling.

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Armani Prive Perfume

Rose Alexandrie – What makes this scent unique is its combination of roses from Egypt with roses grown in France and a splash of Italian citrus. The smell both exudes delicacy and strength, of beauty and bravery – it is a history on its own.

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Listed above are the Armani perfumes that made him world-renowned.