Are you looking for a pair of shoes that is both stylish and could be used on-the-go? Then the Cole Haan loafers are just fit for you. Loafers are the slip-on shoes which are based from the traditional moccasin shoes. They have a very basic make and design yet they are functional and are favored by almost all people. Cole Haan, on the other hand, is a popular fashion brand that designs and manufactures several items such as shoes, bags, clothing items, and several kinds of fashion accessories.

comfy cole haan gunnisons or air grants loafers

The difference between Cole Haan loafers women and men style

Cole Haan produces slip-on shoes or loafers for both men and women. Although they have similar features, the following are some of the noted differences.

  • The brand currently offers only the penny loafers style for women. If you would try to visit Cole Haan’s official website, you will see that slip-ons under the women’s section are plain Cole Haan penny loafers. This is in contrast with the men’s section which offers not only the penny style but also the tassel, Venetian, moccasin, the boat, and other styles or designs.
  • Women’s shoes are crafted from soft suede. Another distinction that can be noted is the material used. The women’s loafers are tailored with suede while men have wider options including authentic leather, synthetic leather or leatherette, soft leather, partial leather, and suede.
  • Loafers for women have brighter colors. Those crafted for women have colors fit for girls like blue topaz, pink tourmaline, and maple sugar. For the men’s loafers, there are the different shades of black, brown, gray, plus blue and orange for the suede styles.

chic women's cole haan air sloane mixed-media loafer

Tips when shopping for Cole Haan loafers

All the loafers designed by this brand for women are fit for the casual getup so the decision making process shall solely be endured by men.

  • Choose a pair that will fit your wearing purpose. The classic and shiny leather loafers are generally used to complete a formal wear or corporate look. On the other hand, the more colorful suede styles are fit as all-around and casual slip-ons.
  • Shop for a design that attracts you most. As mentioned above, the design and make of loafers are very simple and basic. And the variation in design is usually seen on the upper parts of the shoe whether it features the penny slit, tassels or perhaps a few loops of shoelaces. Choose a color you want and the style of the toe box.
  • Comfort is important. Loafers are very durable but they are also hard and stiff. This is why you should look for a pair that provides superior levels of comfort when worn. Even if you want your shoes to be firm and tough, the interior should be soft and well padded especially where your toes and heels come in contact with the footwear. This is to avoid blisters and injuries after wearing the leather slip-ons for long periods of time.

stylish blue cole haan lunar penny loafer

How to look good with your Cole Haan loafers

The following are tips on how to look fashionable with these loafers.

  • The leather and classic pairs like the Cole Haan tassel loafers are best for the dark colored slacks.
  • The brightly colored suede types can go with denim jeans or knee-high shorts.
  • The socks you will use for the leathers should be closely similar to the loafers’ color but for the colorful suede loafers, the neutral or lighter shades of color are best.
  • You don’t need to wear socks when wearing casual loafers especially when you are wearing shorts.
  • Loafers require wide-legged pants and would look awkward when paired with skinny or tight jeans.

contemporary fragment design cole haan lunar grand penny tassel

These loafers will give you the style you always wanted. They are definitely worth the purchase.