Coffee pods, also known as single serve coffee pods, are coffee beans that come with filters to serve you a single cup of coffee. They should be used with a coffee pod brewer only. You need to be careful since these coffee pods can’t be used with the regular coffee urns or coffee makers. They are not that popular compared with coffee bags. They are gaining popularity slowly and are commonly used in offices right now. However, you can still use them at home.

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Coffee pods are highly convenient for many reasons. There is no worry of buying filters and coffee grounds separately. Accidentally adding excess coffee grounds can be avoided since these pods are already pre-weighed. The taste of every cup of coffee brewed from a coffee pod is consistent. However, the fun of making coffee is deprived when you use coffee pods and coffee pod brewers. Making a stronger or weaker coffee is not possible. This disadvantage is only true for some people. Most of them are actually going for coffee pods now.

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Here are some essentials about coffee pods.

  • The manufacturers: Any coffee brewer making company can make these pods but the top companies that make the best pods are Tassimo coffee pods and Folgers coffee pods.

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  • The expenses: The price range of coffee pods is $10 to $35 depending on the brand and if how many packs are there in one box. The number of packs in a box can vary from 3 packs to 18 packs of coffee pods. This price range can be a bit expensive for most people. For a better deal, you can look online for a price within your budget. There are several online stores that offers discounted coffee pods. Be careful about the site you make your purchase and the brand.
  • Coffee capsule is different from coffee pods because they are packed using aluminium and not filters. It is brand specific; hence, it can’t be used with other coffee maker or coffee pod brewer brands.
  • Patterned from tea bags, coffee bags were created for to have instant coffee without sacrificing the taste of the brewed coffee. The difference of tea bags from coffee pods is the mixture of roasted coffee and instant coffee is packed in a gauze bag.

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Now that you know the applications, expenses and convenience of these coffee pods, making your choice will be easier. Make sure you go through reviews and feedback from previous customers online for a clearer picture. Invest if you think these pods are worth it.