White Cross scrubs are made by an apparel company that is a main player in the industry. To avail of a White Cross product, you simply have to check out the fashionable scrubs that are being offered by the company, which come in unique trims and soft colors. With simple color coordination, you will be ready to fit into any season.

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During the days when scrub uniforms were only composed of whites, you can simply use liquid bleach to wash and clean them. The liquid bleach will kill all bacteria and germs in your white scrubs effectively and preserve the whiteness of the uniform. However, if you are going to use liquid bleach on modern colored and printed scrubs, you will only ruin them. So how do you maintain your uniform and make it last longer?

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Cleaning Tips For Scrubs

  • Separate Your White Cross Scrubs In Order To Prevent Color Leaks.

The scrubs should be separated according to color so whites should be together while dark and printed scrubs should be in their own separate piles. The white scrub uniforms can be washed separately with liquid bleach. The dark colored scrubs like browns, blacks and navies must be placed inside the washer together. If you have pink and red scrubs, you can wash them together. Scrubs that come in very vague pastel colors can be grouped together with the white ones. If your scrub collection includes other colors like purples, turquoise and bright blue, ensure that they are made from colorfast fabrics and then wash them together.

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  • Prevent The Colors From Bleeding.

Once you have separated your White Cross scrubs according to color, soak each pile in cold water that is mixed with one tablespoon white vinegar. The vinegar is a natural disinfectant and will prevent the colors from bleeding. Presoaking your scrubs must always be done in cold water. If there is a chance that the dyes in your colored scrub uniforms will run, using cold water will trap the dye and ensure that it stays within the fabric. If you have bright colored or dark scrubs, never use warm water in soaking them. Soaking the white scrubs in hot water is safe though.

  • Use An Antibacterial And Mild Detergent.

When washing your White Cross scrubs, use only mild detergent that has antibacterial properties. Since most scrubs that are being sold today are washable, you can just presoak them in white vinegar and cold water and then the mild detergent before rinsing them. Do not use a fabric conditioner for your scrubs. They are made from wash and wear materials and fabric conditioners will cause wrinkles.

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  • Sun Dry The Scrubs.

The best bacteria killer is bright and direct sunlight. If you are living in sunny area, take advantage of your location and hang your White Cross scrubs on the clothesline to dry. You may also lay your scrubs flat on some white sheets. This will take away the need to iron them before wearing. It would be best if you will avoid the dryer unless you do not have a choice.

These tips will be beneficial to prolong the life of your scrubs. Always keep them in mind whenever washing your scrubs.