The roofing system of any structure needs to be checked from time to time. Regular cleaning and maintenance must be done to ensure it is functioning properly and inspect for damages or spots for possible damages in the future. Hence, gutters and downspouts is prone to such damages as the gutter accumulate unwanted debris overtime which is somewhat inevitable. Going up the roof to clean it is an important task. Do to that effectively, here are some helpful tips and guidelines in cleaning.

Things To Prepare

  • Gloves
  • Scoop
  • Plumber’s Snake
  • Bucket
  • Hose

how to clean and repair gutters


First of all, cleaning must be done by hand as much as possible. Using tools might scratch or dent typical aluminum or vinyl gutters. Gently remove twigs and other debris by hand, wearing gloves is highly recommended. Some gutters would have some dust caking inside which is needed to be scooped out. You would need to use a hose to water down small debris down the drain. Use the plumber’s snake to unclog the pipes if there are any.

What To Inspect

There are a lot of things to inspect in gutters and downspouts. First is to check for leaks between seams of the pipes and gutters. A silicone sealant is all you need to fix leaks if you find minor ones. If an entire section of the gutter is severely damaged, replacing it is the best option to ensure it will not take down the entire gutter system when it fails.

streak getter the gutter cleaner

Rust and corrosion should also be inspected which is something common in aluminum gutters. A retouch of paint might be necessary to cover the exposed aluminum. Also, inspect the foundation of the gutters and try to shake the gutters to determine how sturdy it is attached to the roof. This is very important if the gutter experienced heavy leaf accumulation some time during the year where it would loosen up some screw and nails that are holding the gutter system together.

When cleaning the gutters and downspouts, always ensure safety. Wear proper clothing. Something loose that will give you freedom of movement as you climb the ladder and probably walk in the roofing. Have somebody with a lighter weight to do the task. Hence, getting professionals to do it is still the best way to ensure this tasks is done well.