In the wonderful world of Christmas decorations, it would seem that the most important element of any successful masterpiece is Christmas tree lights. The flashy little bulbs come in a host of colors these days. A family can make Christmas tree as they can choose lights that coordinate with themes they would have in mind. Some people choose themes that center around their favorite ball team, some folks will design a theme around their profession, and still others will devise a theme around a loved one. The possibilities of design and meaning span as far and as wide as the imagination allows.

recycled modern christmas tree lights

Evolution of Christmas Tree Lights

Christmas tree lights have really evolved over the years. Once upon a time, people dreaded pulling out the “light box”, better known as the yearly dumping ground for the many sets of led Christmas tree lights that they pulled off of their houses, trees, bushes, and dog houses the year before. Back in the day, there was always one unfortunate family member who had the daunting task of checking each light, string after string, and bulb after bulb to make sure that the sparkling gems of joy were going to work. The biggest fear that people had back then was the fear of plugging in their Christmas tree lights, only to find that they were duds.

Led Lights Advantage

With led lights, families that are energy savers can take pride in the fact that the lights actually use 15 % less energy than their alternatives like the standard mini lights. In addition, led lights tend to stay cooler as well, so then they add an extra element of safety that people who are lovers of the live Christmas trees can appreciate.

To String Or Not To String?

People the world over have come to recognize that the stringing of Christmas tree lights around the good old Christmas tree can really be a pain in the rear, as there is not exactly an exact science to it. If there are 100 people in a room, there will be 100 different opinions as to how to put lights on a Christmas tree. The best advice that anyone can take is to just do what works best for you as long as it is done with safety in mind. Ensure that it will not get wet or if ever you place them outdoors, make sure it is built for such purpose.

outdoor LED holiday christmas tree lights

Going Small

For the people out there who just don’t want to go through the hassle of dealing with the tradition of the stringing of the Christmas tree lights, they can always go out and purchase a tabletop Christmas tree. They come in a whole lot of colors these days and the lights are already on the tree. Folks who really want care free Christmas decorating, they can purchase themselves a ceramic Christmas tree and a bag of ceramic Christmas tree lights, stick a light bulb in the base of the tree and Christmas is done. For the most part, people enjoy the torture of having to deal with Christmas lights, they get to spend hours with the family members that they only see in passing, and communicate with through text messaging. A string of lights can really bring a family together, and that by many accounts, is what Christmas is all about.