You just have to wonder how simple Christmas stockings ended up as a part of Christmas tradition. There are many plausible tales how it started. The most popular origin is the nobleman with his three daughters. Whatever happened at that 4th century tale, the end result is that Christmas stockings became staple items in Christmas decors.

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The thing is that without Christmas stockings hanging in your fireplace or doors, Christmas seems incomplete. Fortunately, modern Christmas stockings have evolved to be more decorative than functional so you don’t have to worry about used stockings hanging in your living quarters. The room for big presents inside might be compromised, but Christmas stockings today sure look good.

Modern way to get Christmas stockings for the Yuletide season

The great thing about shopping today is that there is very little need to go out and shop. No need to worry about feeling lazy going out and buy the Christmas decors you need and end up going out to buy them in a rush later. Buying online makes everything easy – including shopping for your Christmas stockings.

Popular online shops you can try are,,,, and You can find unique Christmas stocking designs of your liking from a wide variety of choices. Just be sure to compare prices and check on how each site ship the Christmas stockings.

One good thing about shopping for Christmas decors online is that you can take your time to pick your choice. You can also search for other Christmas stocking necessities and designs like the Christmas stocking holders and  needlepoint stockings.  

And it does not stop there. Because the choices are so wide and varied, online shops now have offerings of special items like vintage Christmas stockings and even pet Christmas stockings.

How to make your own Christmas stockings

Now, if you like making stuff, you can always make your own Christmas stockings. You can follow the basic steps below;

  1. Decide what design of Christmas stockings you want to make. There are about 7 popular and modern Christmas stockings designs you can do and they are the following: classic vintage Santa boots, the ballet slipper, the elf boots, cowboy boots, bare foot, fancy boots, ice skate and the dog paw pet Christmas stockings.
  2. Say you choose a classic stocking design. Proceed on buying the materials you need for your stockings. Classic stocking often use red fleece and white faux fur around 24 x 16 inches in size. Secure two to create a pair of stockings. Other materials you might need are the basics such as scissors, sewing pins, needle (large eyes), embroidery floss (red, white and yellow to go with the fabric material), felt paper  around 9 x 12 inches,  fiber fill, clear tape, twist cord, clear tape and fabric paint.
  3. Create a pattern. You can download a template for it online or just draw basic stocking pattern. Use this stocking shape pattern to cut a piece from the red fleece fur.
  4. Pin the fleece and fur together, fur inside. Use a whipstitch to sew the fleece and fur together. Remember, do not sew the top. This is because you have to sew embroidery floss (white) at the top front and back edges.
  5. Proceed on folding the top to create the cuff.
  6. For the trimmings, you can create shapes like stars and other popular Christmas shapes using felt paper.
  7. Use yellow floss to sew the edges leaving a small section not sewed. You have to stuff it with fiberfill first before sewing to close it all up.
  8. To make it more personalized, write the name of the person or child you want to give the present inside using the fabric paint. Or if you have advanced embroidery skills and a lot of time on your hands, you can also embroider their names.
  9. Remember to use the clear tape to keep the cord from fraying each other. Proceed to sew it to the stocking and use this to hang your Christmas stockings

Innovative Christmas stocking decorating tips

  1. Use Christmas shapes such as stars, snowflakes, candy bars and the lot.
  2. Choose bold Christmas colors like red, yellow, gold and green.
  3. Recycle old Christmas stockings by adding new shapes and decors on it.
  4. Hang multicolor Christmas stockings together, side by side.
  5. Create Christmas stockings that go with your room motif.

kids creative personalized cat yuletide stocking

Christmas stockings are an inevitable part of the whole Yuletide look. It may seem strange that stockings are made as Christmas decors. However, with so many design options on modern Christmas stockings, they will sure to add an awesome twist to your Christmas décors.