Are you planning on sending out Christmas cards to your friends, relatives and business contacts this holiday season? Learn the ins and outs of Christmas card etiquette to ensure you don’t make a holiday faux pas. From the type of Christmas card to send to which Christmas card messages to include, Christmas card etiquette takes in a variety of factors.

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Christmas Card Etiquette Tips

There’s different card etiquette to follow for different recipients. For example, what you may include in a card for your brother isn’t going to be appropriate in a card for your boss. Here are some ideas to help you make a card:

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  • Instead of sending generic Christmas cards to your family members, send them personalized cards instead. You can always buy Christmas cards in bulk and send every family member the same exact card. It’s always nicer, though, to choose individual cards that you’ll know each person will like.
  • Avoid sending Christmas cards to people who don’t celebrate the holiday. If you still want to send a card, send a winter-themed card or one that wishes happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas.
  • Mail Christmas cards early enough so that they’ll arrive before Christmas. Don’t mail cards earlier than the week before Thanksgiving, though. You want the cards to arrive in either early- or mid-December. Since the post office is busy this time of year, mailing them in November should leave enough time.
  • Always handwrite a portion of the Christmas card, even if it’s just your signature. The point of a Christmas card is to show people you’re thinking of them. By writing a portion of the message, you’ll communicate that you care enough to devote a couple of extra minutes. Christmas card etiquettes dictate that you should handwrite the address on the envelope, the signature, and a short note inside.
  • Always include a return address on the envelope so that people know who the card is from right away. Also, many people will want to send you a Christmas card in return, too.
  • While e-cards are easy and free to send, try not to use them, if possible. Holiday cards should show generosity and they should be personal. Clicking on a link to get your free e-card doesn’t promote holiday cheer.
  • When it comes to Christmas card etiquette for business associates, always send the card to their office instead of their home. Also, don’t send Christmas cards that have your family photos on them to business associates.