SUV tires are designed to be used on SUVs. These tires are built in a different manner from that of car tires mainly based on the issue of weight. The SUV is known to handle more weight than a car thus it needs tires that will support the weight and provide stability for the SUV. In the market, there are various brands of these tires and the best rated suv tires include Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Continental, Sunny tires and Cooper Discoverer among others. The brand you select will depend on your preference as an SUV owner.

ideal all season suv tires

Types of SUV Tires

Tires come in a variety and so do SUV tires. Below are the various types of tires for SUVs

  • All-season tires – these tires are designed to be used in any season from winter to summer. However, they are preferable for dry seasons and during light snow and ice season.
  • Winter tires – these tires are specially designed to be used during the heavy snow season. The tires offer increased traction while on snow compared to other tires.
  • Off road tires – they are used when driving through rugged, rocky and muddy terrains. These tires are not appropriate for use in paved roads as they do not provide comfort when driving.
  • Summer tires – designed for use in dry and wet roads.

Distinct SUV Tires Features

There are people that use car tires on SUVs not knowing that there are tires specifically designed for SUVs. It is not wrong to use these tires but it is advisable to use tires made for SUVs. SUV tires are considered the perfect tires for SUVs because of certain features that these tires have.

  • They have increased grip, which ensures increased traction thus a smooth ride
  • They come in a variety as there are SUV tires for winter, and summer seasons
  • They are durable and the material used in their making is wear resistant.
  • They have increased diameter for better handling.
  • They have increased weight capabilities.

perfect suv summer tires

Buying Tips and Guides

There are tips for purchasing these tires and they are readily found in any best suv tires reviews. Some tips include:

  • Do an suv tires comparison in both local distributor and online stores in order to get the best tires at best prices.
  • Know the load capacity of the SUV.
  • Ask yourself which type of SUV tire is needed.
  • Know the exact size of tire needed as they come in varying sizes.

It is necessary to always keep a check on your tires just in case they need replacement. Tires for SUVs need replacement

  • when changing seasons or terrain
  • when the treads are worn out or the depth is not as per standards

The SUV tires will remain to be the best tires for SUVs thus SUVs owners should ensure they find the best tires for their vehicle. There are conveniences that only SUVs can provide, which is why many car owners are switching to SUVs.