Are you looking for the right sunglasses to match your face shape? If you are looking for sunglasses to match your face shape, you surely know how important it is to choose the right lenses for your sunglasses to get the best protection for your eyes and the best frame to match your face. But do you know about the different types of sunglasses frames? There are actually a variety of lenses that suits different face shapes. The information below will help you find the ideal sunglasses to complement the shape of your face and also to give you the best look.

stunning sunglasses to match your face shape

These days, you can find sunglass frames on the market in any style that you can imagine from stylish and sleek to strong and durable. The manufacturers are now using different types of materials to make sunglass frames, so there are many options to match every budget. When buying sunglasses you can choose a frame from these two materials:

  • Metals – Generally, most of the branded sunglasses are made with lightweight composite or high strength metals which are extremely durable. You can choose a sunglass with nickel, titanium, aluminum or stainless steel metal for the frame.
  • Plastics – If you looking for cheaper sunglasses, then you can opt for a pair with plastic frames. The zyl or zylonite frames are the most common frames. They are available in many colors and can be adjusted easily. The polycarbonate frames are also popular. These are usually associated with the safety of sport sunglasses because they provide optimum eye protection and high resistance.

When it comes to sunglasses that can offer the perfect combination of style, performance and durability, the Anarchy sunglasses will be the ideal choice. These are available with polarized and polycarbonate lens to provide maximum UV protection and eliminate glare. Besides that, they are made with durable and lightweight frames in zyl and metal styles.

simply cool anarchy sunglasses

Different types of Sunglasses Frames

The most common types of sunglass frames include:

  • Rimless or frameless – These are the preferred choice for those who want lightweight frames and slim lines without the rims going around the lenses.
  • Half frame – These types only go around half the lens, mainly on the top section.
  • Full frame – The sunglasses frames surround the lenses completely.

Frames of Sunglasses to Match Your Face Shape

The frame shape must be the opposite of your facial shape so that it can soften and complement your natural features.

  • Square face – Choose wide oval or round frames.
  • Round faceRectangular or square-like frames will balance your face shape.
  • Heart shape face – The rimless/frameless and semi-rimless types will complement your face.
  • Oval face – You will not have any problems finding sunglasses to match your face shape, any style and frame will fit perfectly.
  • Long – The semi-rimless frames will suit your long face just fine.
  • Oblong face – Get taller square sunglasses with wide frames.

Hopefully, these information will help you find the right sunglasses to match your style and provide the best protection for your eyes. It’s always a good idea to try different styles personally to find the right sunglasses to match your face shape.