A comfortable pair of socks is every woman’s desire. Women normally choose a pair of socks on criteria of functionality and fashion. Socks can be simply described as plush clothing used to wrap and warm your feet. As they are worn on the soul of the feet, socks tend to wear out with time. Finding the right pair to replace with the torn one might be quite a challenge. The wide range of style, color, fabric and sizes may be more confusing when choosing a new pair of socks to purchase. Womens socks come in a variety of assortments ranging from the ankle size, knee size or even those that cover the legs up to the thighs.

patterned womens socks

Types of Womens Socks

A woman can pick one type of socks over another depending on the outfit and shoes she is going to wear. There are other factors that she cannot rule out while making the decision. This includes the level of physical activity involved such as walking distance. The weather conditions of the place intended for visit is also of crucial importance. There are various varieties to choose from when it comes to womens socks;

  • Dress socks – These are popular type of womens socks come mostly in classic colors such as black, beige and navy. This makes them most favorable as it is easy to find a shade to match most outfits. The dress socks are made from different materials ranging from silky fabrics such as nylon, acrylic or polyester. Spandex might be added in small quantities to aid in elasticity. The sizes range from mid-calf to knee high socks.
  • Athletic socks – The most common material in all athletic socks is cotton. The material is greatly favored as it wicks away any moisture that might accumulate during physical activity. The socks are the best option for women who engage in vigorous activities such as jogging or running. Athletics socks have moisture managing capabilities that can cause harm through bacterial growth or cause your feet to smell. Moisture may also lead to irritation and constant rubbing leading to blister formation. Though athletics socks come in many designs and a rainbow of colors the most popular one that works great for most female athletes are the no show, quarter and Nike dri fit crew socks.

Nike Understands Women’s Foot

Great Comfort with Nike dri fit socks

The Nike dri fit socks are among the best socks for any athlete woman. These womens socks have a cushioning in the feet areas that are more prone to impact and injury. Cushioning found on the Achilles heel and ankle aid in protection against irritation resulting from rubbing with the shoe interior. The foot cushioning is also aligned with pressure patterns which ensure maximum comfort. The dri-fit fabric is specially designed to wick away moisture and sweat, keeping your feet dry and comfortable during tough practice and rigorous exercises. The Nike dri fit socks has thick ribbing from the top of the knee to the ankle for a snug. This arch support feature is an added advantage for a secure fit, thus ensuring they do not fall down to the ankle.

With careful considerations and planning, you will be able to choose the perfect socks for your specific needs. Womens socks provide convenience and protection from different routines that a modern woman would partake.