Getting the best metal detector for you hardly depends on which brand you use. The first step to getting to the “best” one in the market is figuring out the purpose. It is more about finding what suits your needs and preferences best, not what the salesperson says is the best – for their cash register. There are many forms of metal detecting. And even more forms of metal detectors.

Starting With Some Simple Questions

These detectors have different capacities in depth and in detecting which “metals” are worth your digging time. The route to getting the best metal detector begins with these simple questions:

  • How often would you go detecting? Are you a plain, recreational hobbyist going detecting, say once a week or less? Do you frequent one area or do you go on cross country trips a la National Geographic in search of your next best treasure? The amount of time you spend on the hobby is a big consideration on getting the best metal detector for you.
  • What do you want to find? Are you in search of lost jewelry? Or are you a coins detector? Are you in it for the gold nuggets? Metal detector models have different coverage on depth and kinds of metals detected. The best metal detectors for gold for you would be the one that would most likely find and give you the exact items you want.
  • Where do you go to for your detecting trips? The beach? The desert? If you live close to a public beach or you like detecting in beaches, the best metal detectors for beginners are the waterproof ones. If you want to go for gold nugget detecting in some gold-rich area, where the soil is most likely rocky, a more heavy-duty detector would best suit you.

worldly minelab safari metal detector

The Best Brands in the Market Today

While it is true that the frequency, type and area coverage of your metal detecting activities are the main factors in finding the best rated metal detector, brands matter when it comes to the quality of the gadget. On a more generic note, here are some of the best brands for metal detectors in the market today. (These brands mostly carry a model that covers any or all of the aforementioned areas of consideration).

  • Bounty Hunter – This is the brand for weekend metal detecting enthusiast and beginners. They have many models made exactly for those beach or ball park trips you make for your metal detecting dates. Price range: between $100 and $600.
  • Garrett – This is a brand known for several kinds of metal detectors with varying purposes. From security machines to every hobbyist’s best friend, Garrett has most of it. They also have models both for the budget conscious and the total binger. Price range: $150 to $1000.
  • Minelab – Minelab metal detectors can be found everywhere – from hobbyist’s basements to airports, as weekend metal detectors to large scale security detectors. Minelab is the best metal detectors in the lineup, and with a line as varied as theirs, there is most likely one for your budget and specifications. Their top of the line products are the waterproof metal detectors. Price range: $500 to $4500

high performance muti- purpose professional grade metal detector

Like purchasing most everything else, the hunt for the best metal detector is not about which brand Indiana Jones is going for. It is about finding which best suits your needs.