If you go to most house parties nowadays, one of the most served snacks are the chocolate truffles. These truffles have replaced the use of candies and they are becoming popular for use in events. Some events where they are used include birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, weddings, luncheons and cocktail events. The main ingredient used in the making chocolate truffles is chocolate ganache and chocolate or cocoa powder for coating the ganache. Some reasons why people love the chocolate truffles include:

  • Chocolate truffles are easy to make.
  • They are very delicious as they have the rich taste of chocolate.
  • These chocolates are available in a variety of tastes and coatings such as chocolate covered almonds.

addictive european chocolate truffle

Origin and Categories

Chocolate truffles were first made in France by Antoine Dufour. With time, the confectionery gained widespread popularity and this led to development of different truffles. Now, there are three categories of the chocolate truffle and the differences mainly lie in the ingredients used. These are:

  • European chocolate truffle – It is made from a mixture of syrup, fats, cocoa and milk powders that is mixed to make an oil-water emulsion.
  • American chocolate truffle – This truffle is shaped like a half egg and it is made from a mixture of butterfat and milk chocolates.
  • Swiss chocolate truffle – Swiss truffle expires quickly thus should be consumed within a few days of its production. This is because it is made from dairy butter and cream that has been mixed with chocolate.

Other known truffles include the Canadian chocolate truffle, which is a modification of the American truffle, and raw truffle. All these truffles are delicious in their own unique way thus deciding which the best chocolate truffles are is very tricky.

swiss bittersweet dark ganache dipped dark chocolate

How to Make Chocolate Truffles

As mentioned above, making chocolate truffles is not hard as there are easy chocolate truffles recipes that you can use to make these truffles at home. Here are a few instructions to follow:

  • Place cream cheese in a large bowl and beat it while adding powdered sugar until they completely mix.
  • Using a pan and medium heat, melt the chocolate chips and add vanilla into it to enhance its flavor.
  • Add the melted chocolate into the cream cheese mixture and using a wooden spoon, stir the mixture until all the chocolate has mixed well with the cream cheese.
  • Cover the mixture and place in the refrigerator to cool.
  • After an hour, get the mixture from the refrigerator, scoop the mixture using a spoon and with your hands, roll the mixture to shape balls and place them in a cookie sheet and return to the refrigerator for further cooling.
  • With a topping of your liking, roll the truffle balls in it and afterwards, return the truffles in the refrigerator until when they will be served.

Chocolate truffles are a delicacy. Therefore, if you are into hosting parties, ensure to include them in your menu.