As you begin your quest for the perfect pair of childrens wellies, you may find yourself wondering what to look for in a pair of good fitting wellies. As your child tags alongside of you in the department store, you may also find the word “budget” going thru your mind. Well, rest assured, you will be successful in your hunt to not only find cheap childrens wellies that won’t “break the bank”, but one that will give comfort and protection for your little one’s feet.

As you pursue your mission to find the perfect childrens wellies, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover quality cheap childrens wellies that will be sure to appeal to your youngster with a wide array of design choices. Alligator patterns, frogs, tractors, pirates, camouflage, leopard prints, crocodile patterns, and stripes are just a few of the choices that await you.

If your boy or girl is more reserved, they would surely love having one of the many childrens Hunter wellies in traditional Stewart tweed or plaid patterns. If solid colors are more to their liking, they will have a plethora of colors to choose from including: bright reds, yellows, blues, lime green, fuchsia, chocolate, and purple childrens wellies. And, as always, the time-honored black remains an eloquent choice. The ever popular Joules childrens wellies also feature delightful striped patterns that will appeal to children of all ages.

Childrens hunter wellies, which come in both short and tall boot styles, sport fun themes like Festival and Circus and are sure to provide your children comfort and warmth as they romp in the snow. Comfort and fit are always important considerations when shopping for childrens wellies. Some children’s Hunter wellies are built with an orthopedic that provides great support for growing feet. Strong rubber soles with good tread will also provide great traction in mud or ice. Childrens wellies with adjustable side buckles and straps and wide calves will provide comfortable fits without painful rubbing or chafing.

After you’ve found the perfect pair of children’s Hunter wellies, you will want to be sure that your children know how to take good care of them. Teaching little ones to take care of their wellies is easy if you remember these simple pointers:

  • Do not use the door step or a boot toe to take off the wellie. DO use a boot remover. This will prevent the wellies from splitting due to a disproportionate amount of stress being placed on the childrens wellies. Keeping a boot remover near the door will make it easier for your children to take good care of it.
  • Wash these wellies with plain water. Let them dry in a cool, place with plenty of circulation. Apply a silicone protectorant to it. If it has zippers, then make it a point to remove all mud. Let them dry and then spray with silicone to keep the zipper working smoothly. Store them in a cool location, away from bright light.
  • Also remember that rubber melts! Hence, don’t leave childrens wellies near radiators, heaters or furnaces. Don’t leave them in outdoor sheds in freezing temperatures. In warmer climates, don’t leave them in sheds, barns, etc. You may find yourself entertaining unwanted “guests”, like spiders, cockroaches, and the like.

By following these easy tips outlined above, you will surely have childrens wellies that will last for ages.