What constitutes a nail polish that is chemical free? Chemical free nail polish is calling the attention of women today to take care of themselves despite all the things they need to do in life. Healthy is the new tag of sexy. Because of this, manufacturers are going organic to help their consumers maintain natural smoothness of their skin and its derivatives like hair and nails. No wonder, consumers are becoming conscious also in maintaining holistic beauty.

What Is Chemical Free Nail Polish

Typically, nail polish is defined as a refined version of car paints or house paints. Manufacturers just revised the content of the lacquer to keep the human finger nails from becoming brittle to its reaction. Most nail polish is made of nitrocellulose which is dissolved in either butyl acetate or ethyl acetate. These substances act as solvent for the coloring ingredient. Some makers include toluene, dibutyl phthalate and formaldehyde in their products. These substances are highly toxic and are labeled as “the toxic trio”. You cannot immediately feel the difference when you have these in your nails. The manifestation is subtle but can build over time. Choosing the right nail polish like formaldehyde free nail polish can prolong and even, save your life.

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Working in a nail salon is like working in a paint factory. You can inhale a lot of toxic chemicals that are very detrimental to your body. Good thing, natural or organic nail polishes are available to save lives. Here are beautiful reasons why you should buy organic nail polish, instead:

  • Toxic free nail polish keeps you away from chronic diseases like cancer, asthma, and reproductive problems. Especially of you are an owner of a nail spa, the health of your workers are your concern when they are working under your roof.
  • It does not produce strong smell. The safest nail polish, so far, are those that are water-based. It produces only very light smell because it contains only acrylic polymer and colorings dissolved in water.
  • Safe for kids. Kids can be as conscious as grownups with their appearance. They like to try on things that Mom use. Natural nail polish assures you of their nail safety from “the toxic trio”.
  • Water based nail polish lasts longer even when you go swimming with it. It stays in place and never gets chapped after a day in the water ends.

What To Look For When Buying

Do not be easily swayed when you read the word “safe” and “natural on the label. You have to look over the ingredients if the deadly trio is present. The Compact for Safe Cosmetics have several companies who promised to keep their products safe for their consumer. You can go over their website to check who these companies are and keep yourself safe.

Reliable Brands

To keep safe from toxic nail polish, here are the reliable water-based brands in the market:

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Safety should come first before trying to be beautiful. Campaigns for organic and natural are elevated to keep consumers away from diseases. You can support this campaign by using chemical free nail polish as your first step to a healthy and beautiful you.