Cooking is an integral part of any culture and one of the most vital element of cooking are chef knives. World renowned chefs also rely on these knives for sharpening their skills for presenting the food in the best possible way. Earlier knives were designed for the sole purpose of cutting beef. They were used by cooks and so popularly they were also known as cook knife. Professional chef knives are totally different from home cook thin knives.

What Identifies Chef Knives?

  • Usually chef knives are recognized because of their structure.

  • They are large sized knives with broad and long blades which are supported by a solid handle for perfect grip.

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  • Again, the shape of blades can either be German style with curved cutting edge or French style with straight cutting edge.

  • These blades are further distinguished on the basis of the process they undergo for their construction i.e. forged chef knives blade are made by heating steel at high temperature, which makes them more expensive and efficient while stamped blades are crafted from cold rod of steel.

Popular Materials Used in Making Chef Knives

Chef knives are not only distinguished on the type of their blade and construction process, but are also classified on the basis of materials that are being used to construct them because material provides strength, flexibility and durability to respective professional chef knives manufactured by well-known brands.

Carbon steel blade

Carbon steel is a combination metal derived out of iron as a primary element. They are simple kind of materials used in construction of regular knives and they do not come with any kind of coating to provide protection against rust or oxidation. The knives made using carbon steel carry both pros and cons.

  • Pros: Talking first about pros, they have sharp blade and the blade can be sharpened easily when compared to knives made using other popular materials.

  • Cons: Now about faults, Carbon steel blades are highly sensitive to corrosion and needs maintenance.

Knives constructed using high quality carbon steel blade are more efficient when compared to regular carbon steel knives. Wusthof knife set is a popular contender among the list of best chef knives. They are crafted using premium quality seasoned carbon steel blades.

Stainless Steel blade

Globally acclaimed material for crafting chef knives is stainless steel. The fundamental qualities of stainless steel make it more profound to be used for making knives.

  • They provide better edge with sharp blades when compared to other materials.

  • Originally, stainless steel blade knives find its roots in Japan and so chef knives constructed using stainless steel blades are commonly considered to be a part of Japanese chef knives like the Global knives.

Ceramic blades

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Though a new concept, ceramic blade are equally popular for making chef knives.

  • Ceramic blades have a peculiar characteristic i.e. they have the longest edge that are great for chipping purposes.

  • Moreover, ceramic blades are non-reactive to chemical and oxidization which means no rust and no stains.

Laminated blades

As the name suggest laminated blades are a combination of two varieties of steel to provide extra cover to the outer edge of the blade.

  • The inner layer is constructed using soft steel while the outer layer is covered using much harder quality steel to provide buffer from wear and tear for adding durability to chef knives.