There are many different types of video cameras on the market nowadays to cater to needs of everyone. So, whether you want a camera to record special moments or even if you are thinking of starting a career in filmmaking, you can find cheap video cameras online. From travel, fun size cameras to the models with HD resolution with advanced features, you can find more than enough cheap video cameras on the market.

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Some of the cheap digital video cameras that you can consider will be listed below:

Flip Ultra HD: This is a palm-sized video camera offering two hours of recording time and an internal memory space of 8GB. With this camera, you can get high quality picture quality as it can shoot at 720p high resolution. The camera is powered by two AA rechargeable batteries that you can charge up using an USB connection. It will take only four hours to charge fully to give you a battery life of about 2.5 hours. It is easy to download your recorded videos using the USB connection, plus the included software is a dual platform that is compatible with PC and Mac. The suggested price is $199.99 and you can choose black or white.

Sony Bloggie MH5 is one of the cheap video cameras that you will find with a lot of features, which helps to make it stand apart from similar camcorders within this price range. This camera is visually attractive with a deep purple finishing, plus it boasts a swivel type LCD screen that you can rotate at 180 degrees, excellent resolution of 720p as well as dual compatibility with Windows and Mac OSX. Some of the other features are image stabilization; dual memory options using SD cards and memory stick slots and a still camera setting with 5MP resolution and face detection. At present, these cheap video cameras are online with a suggested market price of $199.99, plus you can also purchase them from the top electronics stores.

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The Kodak Zx1 camera is a pocket sized model that is offering a lot of features for the price. This model has a stylish design that you could mistake easily for a PDA or cell phone and its small size will make it ideal for traveling. With this camera, you can shoot at 720p in high definition and store images with 128MB internal memory space. There is also an expansion slot to put SD card if you want to increase the memory. You will find controls for fast forward and rewind in the playback mode as well as a little output speaker that will allow you to hear and see your video clips. You can connect the camera to a PC via the USB port, but it also uses lithium or AA batteries.

In conclusion, you can also find cheap Panasonic video cameras if you would like one of these models. As you can see, you can find some good choices on the market if you want to buy one of the cheap video cameras.