No matter where you look these days, we are being encouraged to live a greener lifestyle and using cheap reusable bags is one way to make your living a little greener. Although we can’t live without shopping bags, we can chose reusable bags as a responsible way to prevent excess fossil fuels from being wasted in producing plastic bags, from land fills and oceans being crowded with plastics, and trees from having to be cut down to make more paper products, like paper bags. The average plastic or paper shopping bag is only used once, and then thrown away.  It is clearly not a sustainable practice, not to mention a very economically sound one.

reusable cheap shopping bags

Cheap reusable shopping bags may not only be a wise choice soon, but a mandated one. Many states are looking to save money on recycling costs, garbage collection and clean up, landfill use, and even transporting of one-time use bags, and force consumers to use reusable bags from here on out. California seems to be taking the lead in this direction, but many states are following suite. Retailers are also looking for a way to save money as they feel the squeeze of a tighter economy and look for cheap reusable bags wholesale that they can then offer to their customers. Many retailers are hoping to inspire multiple-use bags and will even offer a discount of up to $.10 for every reusable bag consumers bring to their stores for use.

cheap reusable grocery eco friendly bags
Cheap reusable bags can be found at most health food stores now, where the demographics for environmentally sound shoppers are usually higher, and they sell their own versions but often at a steep price. On recent shopping trips, customers could find $12 reusable shopping bags at a popular grocery store chain, but they were simply made of recycled rice bags that were probably discarded by people in foreign countries by the thousands. In order to really be economically conscious while being environmentally conscious, consumers can find cheap reusable grocery bags online for mere pennies on the dollar and retailers can find reusable bags wholesale on the cheap. There is no need to pay $12 or more for a reusable bag when you can find sturdy reusable shopping bags for next to nothing that will last for many shopping trips to come.

You can also inspire friends and family members to use cheap reusable bags by purchasing colorful or patterned bags that you give them as gifts. Alternatively, you can wrap a gift you purchase for them in a reusable shopping bag and, in your card or note, tell them that the packaging is part of their present. There are an infinite number of ways to make your life more ‘green’, and utilizing cheap reusable bags is just one of them.