There is no more excuse for sloppily applied make up because of the presence of cheap make-up brushes in the market that allows one the luxury of always having a sanitary and fresh supply of brushes. Professional make-up artists swear that make-up can be properly applied only with the use of brushes, not by cotton puffs nor by those wool fluffs or those flat round thingies that always come with the tub of loose powder or the compact of pressed powder that eventually become all caked up and stiff and rough after repeated use.

best Cheap Makeup Brushes

A synthetic or natural sponge may be used to apply a liquid or cake based make-up foundation. However, these will need to be washed in soapy water and rinsed thoroughly and set off to dry, before that can ready for the next time you need to use it. After sometime, they become brittle, shredded, and no longer useful. This will never happen when you are using cheap make-up brushes to apply on your make-up. As soon as one brush shows signs of wear and tear, it can be easily discarded and replaced without making a dent in your budget.

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Kinds of Makeup Brushes

The cheap make-up brushes set that comes complete with all the shapes and several degrees of bristle fineness or coarseness needed for the various items that need to be applied really are very handy to have. The more basic kinds of brushes are:

  • A blush/loose powder brush
  • A blending brush
  • Basic eye shadow brushes
  • A lipstick brush
  • An eyeliner brush

best quality and cheap makeup brushes

There are a lot more brushes out there but these would be great to start with! The cheap make-up brushes, like their more expensive branded cousins, also come in their own roll up bag carrier with a see through pocket for each brush. This convenience allows you to have all brushes laid out before you as you start putting on your make-up for the day.

Tips in Caring for your Cheap Makeup Brushes

Wash and Air Dry

It is a good practice to wash and air dry your cheap make-up brushes, especially the larger ones that are used to fluff on blush or shimmer all over the face, at least once a week, to rid the bristles of the build up of powder pigments after a week of use.

  • This will enable them to remain true to the colors that you prefer to use for different occasions or time of day, i.e., evening different from daytime.
  • This is because the individual bristles may become caked and heavy with the powders themselves and lose their effectiveness.
  • The eye shadow brushes, especially, tend to be carrying the pigments of the last use and, as such, it may be difficult to achieve the desired effect as you pick up new color combinations from the eye shadow palette.

Have one brush for each makeup tool

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It is also a good idea to have dedicated lip brushes for each lipstick color so that you can remain true to the shade that you have purchased.

  • Merely wiping the tip off a piece of tissue will not clear the lip brush of the color build up as you move from one lip stick tube to the next one.
  • Using the same brush will defeat the purposes of buying different shades of lipstick. This will be just like using the same paintbrush from one can of paint to another. The results can be disastrous, something that can be avoided by making use of cheap make-up brushes.

Where can you buy cheap make-up brushes?

Discount stores usually have these items on sale. The big name department stores may have seasonal offerings of the name brands. You can keep an eye out for these events.