Jewelries are a form of personal adornment, ornament or accessory used by women to enhance their appearance. Jewelries can be classified into two: luxury jewelry and fashion jewelry. Luxury jewelries are usually made from precious metals like gold, bronze, silver and gemstones like emeralds, jade, jasper, quartz, rubies and turquoise. The sapphire necklace can be considered as favorite for many ladies today since they are known to be classy and are very popular among celebrities. On the other hand, fashion jewelries are made from beads, shells, glass, enamel, wood, bones and ivory. There are cheap forms of gold, bronze, silver and gemstones that can also be used in making fashion jewelries.

Beads, glass, clay, wood and shells are the materials frequently used in making fashion jewelries. Beaded jewelries commonly encompass bracelets, earrings, belts and rings. Beads may be large or small but the larger beads are now very common. In today’s fashion, the larger and bolder the beads or design, the better and more fashionable it is. Fashion jewelry has been made to be adorned in nearly every body part and some of these include hair pins, earrings, nose rings, necklaces, neck beads, navel rings, waist beads, anklets and toe rings.

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Fashion jewelry has been used for a number of reasons:

  • To display wealth
  • Serves as an investment
  • For functional use like hair pins to hold the hair
  • Symbolism – to show membership to a particular group of people
  • For protection as magic wards, amulets and charms
  • As an artistic display

Various people from different cultures have the custom of using fashion jewelries to pay the bride price or dowry. Every tribe has one particular fashion jewelry style. Several jewelry items originated as purely functional items, however, the age of innovation came in and fashion jewelries evolved into decorative items. Examples of these items are brooches and buckles. Brooches are now used to accentuate shirts or dresses. Functionally, it was used to pin scarves.

Jewels can symbolize membership to particular groups like friendship bracelets of some sororities. Wedding and engagement rings also fall in symbolism since they represent union of two particular persons. Wearing of amulets and lucky charms is thought to be used fashionable but originally it was worn for protection against evil spirits or magic. There are still groups of people that use these in secrecy today. Waist ornaments are the common ones since they are mostly hidden.

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The advantages of fashion jewelry are:

  • It enhances ones beauty
  • They look elegant and fashionable like luxurious jewelries
  • Readily available in the market and come in different designs and styles
  • They are cheaper compared to luxury jewelry
  • Since they are cheaper, you can buy a lot of them and have a wide selection of these fashion jewelries
  • Fashion jewelry is not the apple of the eye of burglars and robbers, giving you a sense of safety and security

Fashion jewelry has the tendency to lose their value in just a short time since not all are made by professional. Other causes allergic reactions since not all of the items for fashion jewelry are real like real gold and silver. When buying, make sure to check how comfortable you are and that it will not cause you skin problems. Check the quality as well. The fact that they are cheap, do not go on a shopping spree. You will just waste your money. Make sure to buy those that are of important and those that will look good on you. There are tons and tons of fashion jewelry both online and in stores. Accessorize now in a cheap but elegant way.