Centric brakes are a well renowned brand of automobile braking system that is manufactured by a company called Centric Parts. In addition to producing brakes for everyday driving situations, Centric Parts also make brake systems for high performance vehicles and racing cars. The firm was founded as recently as the year 2000 in Southern California and thanks to their value for money brakes, they have been able to enjoy a large amount of growth every year since then. Centric Parts has since expanded from their original factory and now operates in several localities, employing over 500 people.

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Centric brakes always give you the sort of performance that you would expect from a high quality set of brakes. If you are interested in buying these then you have a choice from premium metallic, ceramic or extended wear compositions. Ceramic brakes are usually the best in terms of providing the best stopping power when the vehicle is traveling at high speed without overheating. The main advantage of buying these brakes which is a common theme of every Centric brakes review is the fact that they pretty much are able to be fitted to any vehicle ever created.

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Centric Parts themselves state that they have over 40,000 brake system parts to support every commuter car and small to medium sized truck made since 1937. When you consider that they have parts going back over 70 years, then there is a very good chance that they are going to have a system to support your particular vehicle. Perhaps something that is equally as important as the huge variety is reliability. We all want to buy brakes that we can rely on if we need to stop suddenly, and Centric brake pads can provide that.

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Centric brakes tend to be a more affordable high performance option than what is on offer by the competitors. They meet all national and state safety requirements and are electro-coated to provide adequate protection against rust, which can severely inhibit braking quality. The Centric brake rotor also has a smooth finish which eliminates that annoying squealing noise that you sometimes hear under braking.

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Centric Parts have also branched out into two other braking system divisions, StopTech and Power Slot. StopTech is the Centric Brakes ultra performance sector which deals with producing braking systems for high performance drag and racing vehicles. These types of brakes are specifically designed to deal with the intense stress that racing brakes find themselves under. As an example, brake rotors can become extremely hot with repeated, high intensity braking. Centric brakes are designed such that they are able to withstand these high temperatures and not lose critical performance as a result. So, if you are looking for superior and efficient braking power, go with Centric brakes for shorter stopping distances, less rotor wear and better brake modulation.