Fiberglass boat repair is determined by the level of damage caused. The level of damage will determine whether to do it by one’s self or to have a professional do it for you. Once you have determined the extent of boat damage, it is important to begin by learning the different ways how to do fiberglass boat repair.

A Comparison

Unlike wooden boats that you can repair the boat easily, fiberglass boat repair requires a lot of caution and care because a simple mistake can lead to complete obliteration. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out fiberglass boat floor repair and repair of any other parts of the boat on a regular basis as this will ensure your boat remains in good condition.

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Causes of Fiberglass Damage

When first introduced, fiberglass was termed as a miraculous building material since it reduced the overall cost of boat construction. However, fiberglass is prone to aging. The longer it stays, the more it is likely to wear and tear which might result to cracking. It is a slow process that might lead to complete destruction of fiberglass fabric. Other causes of fiberglass boat damage include:

  • Boat hulls are exposed to impact and vibrations that lead to great damage. Fishing boats are the most exposed to continuous strains since they carry equipment for fishing. The vibrations result in the fiberglass material weakening and over time, it gets destroyed.
  • Fiberglass is destroyed by water. When water enters the boat and is not dried, the fiberglass absorbs moisture and over time it weakens. In order to prevent destruction of the fiberglass floor, you can apply boat bottom paint on the boat floor since this paint is waterproof.
  •  Exposure to heat damages fiber glass. Heat distorts the fibers resulting in warping of the fiberglass floor.

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Tips on Fiberglass Boat Repair and Maintenance

Below are some tips on repair and maintenance of fiberglass boats.

  • Fiberglass boat deck repair and repair of any boat parts can be carried out by use of gel coat. It is known to best maintain fiberglass and keeping the fiberglass boat floor shiny.
  • Also, ensure to cover your boat or park it in areas with shades to avoid direct sunlight. This will prevent destruction of fiberglass by heat.
  • Ensure to keep your boat floor dry and free of moisture all the time.

Fiberglass boat repair cost is largely determined by extent of boat damage, repairing materials to be purchased and also amount of work that will be carried out. This is something that is analyzed by boat repair professionals. However, it is essential not to focus on costs only. Aim in getting quality fiberglass boat repair services too.