Just like how you take special care of your own diet, it is also important to provide your cut canine with proper dog diet if you want him to remain healthy and fit. There are many commercial foods and treats for dogs today but none of them cater to the true meaning of proper diet. The best dog food should contain natural carbohydrates, fat and proteins. There are of course a few brands such as the Instinct dog food that can be trusted but it is important to know the key to ensure that your faithful friend leads a healthy, long life.

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Factors of a Proper Dog Diet

  • Keep it natural: Don’t buy anything that is processed. Make sure you give your dog only natural food such as real meat and grains. This should be your first step towards ensuring that your dog gets the right food. Don’t ever feed your dog with by-products or foods that have too much grain in them.
  • Keep preservatives away: Preservatives are not good for you or your pet dog. They are meant for packaging and are not good for consumption. If you feed your dog with processed food that has too many preservatives, the poor canine will suffer with kidney problems that could also lead to kidney failure. Thus, avoid them!
  • Fresh food is the best: If you can afford it, make sure your proper dog diet mainly revolves around homemade food. You can make vegetables and grains based on your preference but you should keep in mind to give your dog all the essential nutrients to keep him healthy and lively.
  • Keep commercial food away: There may be promises about the foods being scientifically proven to be great but even these are not good for two main reasons. One of them is that they have preservatives and second is that they are canned and processed so much that most of the ingredients lose all their nutritious value.
  • Supplements: Even if you feed your dog with fresh food and vegetables, his diet might lack essential nutrients. This is because of the use of chemicals and other things for cultivation that has stripped the nutritious value from crops. A good supplement along with fresh and healthy food makes the proper dog diet for your pet. Look for supplements that have vitamins, minerals and immunity enhancers. Antioxidants are also necessary.

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If you ensure that your dog eats great food, he will be able to grow healthy and his immunity will also be strong enough to avoid a number of diseases. The proper dog diet also varies from breed to breed and it would be advisable to talk to your dog’s Veterinarian if you are in doubt about breed-specific diet.