A laptop charger will not last forever and it could have its off days. Just like your laptop, it is important for you to make sure your laptop battery charger is working well at all times. You have to take proper care because a faulty charger could ruin your laptop altogether. The battery could be burnt or the hard disk could be destroyed along with other parts of your laptop. Hence, you should be careful and make sure you are maintaining your charger well.

safe usage tips toshiba laptop charger

Here are a few tips to ensure safe usage

  • The metallic points of the charger have to be in perfect condition at all times. They should not be bent or distorted in any manner. They have to be rust free, clean and straight. Any distortions could actually be fatal and the efficiency of the charger also comes down significantly. Manually trying to fix the points could also be dangerous. Old as this adage goes, but prevention is still better than cure. And likewise, safe handling and proper care is still better than repair. Or replacement.
  • The laptop charger comes in good quality cases for specific reasons. These cases prevent them from damage such as bending and pressing. Ensure the cases are not damaged or distorted either.
  • There must be no signs of degradation such as cuts and cracks on the rubber parts of your charger. Any cracks provide an inlet for water as well as dust, ruining your charger efficiency. The rubber casing must thus be maintained and taken care of properly. The metallic strands if exposed will malfunction and lead to electric shocks if the rubber casing is damaged, cracked or cut in any way. Not only will this damage your laptop; it could also cause fatal electrocution!
  • You should never try repairing the laptop charger on your own! The charger is not just any other device that you can use an insulation tape for. It is fragile and voltage fluctuations can be disastrous.
  • When you are not using the charger, fold it properly and store it. Don’t apply a lot of force to bend the wires because excess force can damage the internal components.
  • If you have a problem with the charger, the only option would be to replace it.
  • When buying a new charger, buy a charger specific to the model of your laptop. Not all chargers work with all laptops. However, there is the universal laptop charger that you could purchase for any laptop model.

proper care for laptop chargers and adapters

Avoid purchasing duplicate products. Go for branded materials such as the Toshiba laptop charger which is efficient and long lasting. Having an additional Toshiba power cord is ideal for times of emergency so that you have a back-up option when need be.