Cardiologists are medical specialists who are highly trained doctors with skills to diagnose and treat cardiovascular diseases and conditions. Cardiology is a wide-ranging field that includes many specialties, such as pediatric cardiology, clinical cardiology, adult cardiology and cardiovascular surgery. If you are looking for high paying job, this would be a good career to pursue in medicine as a cardiologist salary is ranked at the top.

cardiologist annual compensation

Generally, a cardiologist completes an undergraduate degree within a pre-medical field such as chemistry or biology, which would be followed by another four years in medical school. This is in addition to an extra three years in a speciality residency program for internal medicine. All the health care professionals in this field are well-compensated with a high cardiologist salary for their skills and education.

Throughout the United States, the medical doctors are amongst the most highly paid professionals based on the information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The professionals who practice family or general medicine can earn an average annual salary of $186,044, while those in specialized fields can earn $339,738 on average. The data showed that an average cardiologist salary ranges from $268,000 – $811,000, with a yearly average of $403,000.

A non-invasive cardiologist is a professional who diagnoses and then treats patients with just non-invasive procedures and methods, which includes electrocardiograms for medical diagnosis and medications and drugs for treatments. As a non-invasive specialist, a cardiologist salary could be lower than $209,851 and as much as $424,283. The average yearly income could be $308,404 or even $313,254 along with incentives.

cardiologist high salary range

An invasive cardiologist, on the other hand, will have similar resources to diagnose and treat just like the non-invasive specialists, but they might also use invasive methods like surgery for diagnosing and treating cardiovascular diseases and conditions. The invasive cardiologists are generally paid higher than the non-invasive specialist. Based on our research, they earn an annual salary that is below $232,328 and higher than $434,761. The average salary would be $321,535.

Several factors could affect the possible earnings of a cardiologist, such as geographic location, employer and experience. If you are working in major cities, you can expect to earn more than the ones who work in the small towns. The interventional cardiologist salary for a private practice will be significantly higher than those who work for local, state and federal governmental facilities. Cardiologists with over ten years experience can earn more than two times the amount of a specialist who is just getting started.

When you are ready to start a career in this field, you need to conduct a research to get an idea of what the average cardiologist salary is like in your area. By doing this, you can figure out if a potential job will be competitive or if your desired salary is at a higher level.