Check out Car Detailing Prices

When you want to get your car to the most ultimate level of cleanliness, an auto detailing service will be the best way to go. Prices for car detailing will vary between different locations but most services run about the same everywhere. Car detailing prices usually include a complete vacuum in every part of the car, car wash, tire shining, rim cleaning, and sometimes air freshener. Different levels are available for different pricing packages for services. Car detailing is usually offered at car wash businesses, or specialty businesses that only detail and they cater to used auto sales companies and other people who are looking to sell their cars. Sometimes people want to freshen up their car every year or so and will use detailing services. A basic package will usually run a person around sixty dollars depending on the type of car and how big it is. Higher-end car detailing pricing can be as high as two hundred dollars. Mobile car detailing prices will vary depending on which package you prefer. Some addition costing items can include:

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  • Removing dents from your car or SUV; will run you around 90 dollars
  • Superior wax: this service varies upon car size so it can run from around $60 dollars to around $90 dollars
  • Interior detail services such as carpet shampooing, removing water, and vinyl seat protections can also depend on your car size and start off around $80 dollars for smaller cars and can go up to around $130 dollars for larger vehicles.
  • Some places will charge extra to clean classic cars, motorcycles, motor homes, car and truck trailers, or boats

Since most packages come with different services, car detailing prices would also vary. There are some auto detailers that will come to your home and clean your boat, RV, car, or truck without you needing to leave the comfort of your living room. Such convenient services would also be some of the higher bracket of car detailing prices. However, all detailers have pros and cons. When choosing a car detailing location read reviews about the detailers in your area to determine if the car detailing prices are indeed reasonable. Companies that cater to the general public will do lower cost detailing. Car detailing prices would rise when you are dealing with a company that caters to professionals.

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In the car detailing business you will usually get what you pay for. If you have a light layer of dirt to remove from your car a lower end-detailing place will probably serve your needs. If you have water damage, soiled carpet, soiled headliner, or any other serious problems you may want to consider paying the extra money and getting good services. Interior car detailing prices would also run on the same concept. More work needed to be done means more expensive services needed.

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The most basic car detail pricing package should still include some type of car wash, interior vacuuming, interior surface polish, mirror cleaning, trim polishing, dashboard cleaning, and tire shining. Keep your car looking amazing by detailing it on a yearly to bi-yearly basis.