Capri pants can be a tough act to pull off if you don’t know how to identify and wear it correctly. These trendy fashion tools will stay for a very long time because of its stylish look and it can be worn in any place or occasion. Some people would call it ‘mommy pants’ and they would somehow discourage others to buy one because wearing these can have completely different effects with each person wearing it. Women get a lot of variation in styles and capri pants are just one of them unlike men who tend to stay in the safe side.

Identifying Capri Pants

The most important detail when identifying capri pants for women is length. Capri pants should fall midway between the ankle and the knee. That is the safest estimate when it comes to length because in fashion sizing there is no standardization. In one company their capri pants can be pedal pushers and the list goes on forever.

stylish capri pants

Fashion and Wearing Tips

Some people say that capri pants can be only worn effectively by select group of people. But most people would argue saying that it is “how” you wear it. Actually, how you wear it is the least that needs to be considered. This type of pants is all about choosing the right length and hem shape. Many people have different thoughts on how womens capri pants look on people but most will agree to some key points.

  • Muscular legs looks thicker
  • It makes a person look heavier when they are pear shaped
  • A person will look shorter when they are petite
  • Shorts legs become even shorter

Capri pants are just one of the many variations under crop pants.  It is very important to try it first when shopping. They would fit differently even if they are the same size. It is also important to know how they flatter the body, just like short people will look even shorter.

color white capri pants for women

Styles of Capri Pants

Capri pants can come in different styles as well. They can be casual or business styles where most business styles are black capri pants or other neutral color. They also come in different fabrics to suit the purpose like an activity or an occasion.

In the end, choosing the right length, fit and style when wearing capri pants are some tricks to pull it off with style. Because of it’s sometimes infamy effect on some fashion statement, once done correctly, they can be found everywhere, from the park to an executive meeting.