A cantilever umbrella is an outdoor shade, which is held in place by a self-supporting pole only from one of its sides. For the reason that their base overhangs to the side, umbrellas with a cantilever are also known as offset umbrellas, side umbrellas, ultra shades, and umbrella awnings. The pole support has a sturdy base, with a tip that angles over as it passes underneath the umbrella and locks the same securely in place at the middle. The base usually has built-in heavy weights that steady the umbrella and make sure that the umbrella does not fall down.

california 10 square cantilever umbrella

A cantilever umbrella is used as an alternative to a table umbrella, also known as a center post umbrella, which is supported at its center by a pole. While both are perfect for use outdoor such as in one’s poolside, garden, patio, backyard, driveway, or lawn area, many people prefer a cantilever umbrella over a table umbrella because the former take up less table space. Moreover, a cantilever umbrella’s pole can be placed neatly on one corner, away from anybody’s reach, while the umbrella spreads over the table or any area where shade is needed.

10 ft square cantilever umbrella with base

Another advantage of using a cantilever umbrella is that more people can enjoy the shade it provides. Because it overhangs, things do not get in its way unlike a table umbrella, which is mostly concentrated on sheltering the table or the objects placed thereon. Plus, a cantilever umbrella may be moved and used from one place to another, compared to a table umbrella, which gets its support only from the table. Also, unlike a table umbrella, a cantilever umbrella does not restrict one’s view.

offset cantilever umbrella metal crank and tilt

One can find a cantilever umbrella from stores selling outdoor umbrellas such as Walmart, Sears, and Home Depot. One can also order online. Further, one can choose from as many prints and designs, such as a plain, floral, checked or striped print as well as any other geometric designs. A cantilever umbrella’s fabric material may be linen, olefin, polyester or other cloths that are fade resistant or one’s that offer ultraviolet ray protection. For the umbrella’s pole, it may be made of aluminum, metal, plastic, wood, or stainless steel.

treasure garden 11 ft cantilever offset umbrella

Regardless which type of cantilever umbrella a person chooses, he is advised to make sure that the umbrella’s base is heavy enough to be self-supporting and to carry the umbrella’s full weight. A cantilever umbrella with an adjustable height would be great as it allows more flexibility in its usage.

Whether it is a Coolaroo cantilever umbrella, a Treasure Garden cantilever umbrella, or any kind of cantilever umbrella, it is a sure sun protector when one is bent on enjoying the day’s view or occasion.