Thousands of years ago, candles were first used in the caves of France, Italy and Germany. In the beginning, cavemen used these as light sources while painting and etching on the cave-walls. They used to make candles using animal fats. Later on, Egyptians started using beeswax for producing these candles. They came up with numerous creative candle making ideas and introduced candles as decorative items for the first time. Now synthetic paraffin waxes are used for manufacturing candles.

Here, you will learn about some unique yet simple candle making ideas. These candles can be made at home without any delicate machinery. The raw materials and components are available in almost all leading online stores and local super shops near to home. Some outstanding candle making ideas are as follows.

innovative handmade candle

Container Candles

For container candles, you need to have the following:

  • Container wax – You should pick up a seashell or a nice glass container.
  • Glue (sticky and hard)
  • pre-tabbed cotton wick
  • Coloring dye
  • Fragrant oil

The waxes are poured into the containers and excess waxes are scrapped off after placing the components together.

Gel Candles

Gel candles look gorgeous in low and subtle lighting effects. These are easy to make but feature greater exclusivity and creative crafts. For you to create gel candles, you need:

  • Gels – different colors are available to choose from
  • Deep coloring dyes to enhance or modify the color effects
  • Zink wickmetallic wicks are better than cotton wicks
  • Glue which non-sticky and glistening
  • Fragrant oil
  • Containers like stainless steel pot and champagne glasses

Scented Candles

Scented candles are one of the most favorite decors for households. Most house owners store one or two of these candles for special occasions. You will need a good number of items but the manufacturing process is easier and simple. You will need:

  • Paraffin candle wax
  • Container for molding the wax into candles
  • Colors and dyes
  • Candle scents and Wicks
  • Steel pot and thermometer to determine the temperature of wax

simple glittar scented candle in glass

Hot Chocolate Candles

These candles are also listed as scented candles but present with some unique features that introduce these décor pieces in a distinguished group. The chocolaty flavor is something special in these candles. You will need a hot chocolate glass container, wire wick, chocolate and vanilla scented oil, paraffin and brown dye for creating these candles. These candle making ideas have made the industry follow a new beginning. Candles are becoming popular as exclusive décor items both at homes and offices.

Cookie Cutter Candles

These candles are kids’ favorite items. The shape and design of these items let them stand out of the box. You will need metal cookie cutters (shapers), foil cover made of aluminum for molding, beeswax and metal-tabbed wicks for making these innovative candles. These items are available in most online decoration stores. You can also make these at home following simple step by step instructions.

Youtube has become a great source for how-to videos. You may search for more candle making ideas and instructional videos online. Some companies like Tyler candle company, Jackson candle etc. are also running blogs about these for enthusiastic surfers. Follow the instructions, be creative, do experiments and make creative candles.