Whenever people exert themselves physically, it is very important to stay hydrated. Sports enthusiasts everywhere know the importance of proper rehydration throughout their entire sports experience. Events such as triathlons or long hikes can cause a problem with storing all the fluids that you need for the journey. In the past, people would have to use bottles of water or canteens to keep themselves hydrated. The newest innovation in rehydration was born by bicyclist and medical technician Michael Eidson through his Camelback water bottle.

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In the late 1980’s, Michael found himself in a competition called “Hotter’N Hell 100” which is exactly as the name states. This 100-mile bicycle race took place in the summer in Wichita Falls, Texas where summer heat is grueling. Staying hydrated is a big part of winning a race of this sort and also just to survive. The Hotter’N Hell race had few refilling stops for hydration so Michael came up with an ingenious idea. He took an IV bag from his job and filled it with water and placed it inside a tube sock. He put the IV bag into a pouch in his bike jersey and ran a small hose from the top of the bag so he could drink while riding. This was the start of the movement for hydration gears and equipment. Eidson’s first design of the camelback water bottle may not have been a beautiful one but the ascetics of it made it a valuable asset to the race. He had an advantage by being able to drink his water and ride at the same time.

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Today, camelback water bottles are sold all over the country and are used by most sports enthusiasts. The basic design that derived from an IV bag has evolved into a hydration machine. Water bottles from Camelback have a reservoir of up to 100 fluid ounces and even have a water filter option to keep your water at the freshest quality. You can buy a Camelback water bottle system that can keep you hydrated for one to three hours. Camelback even offers water cleansing tabs for the more adventurous sports junkies that like to take long wilderness hikes or trail riding. You can even get a mouth tube that has insulation around it and includes a flow meter to monitor water levels.

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You can find Camelback water bottle parts and camelback water bottle replacement parts online at the Camelback retail store. There are off market parts that can be found but be sure of what you are purchasing and decide on how reliable the company is before buying. Camelback water bottles come in a variety of backpack styles and colors that can make any sports junkie a happy camper. Camelback water bottles are even available for kids so you can teach your little ones about the joys of sports at a young age.

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