The California DUI laws are basically aimed at prosecuting offenders with criminal as well as administrative cases and punishing them accordingly. When one gets accused of DUI in California, and he is not ready to give the Breathalyzer Test, then he or she has to undergo strict administrative actions. Here are some existing administrative and criminal penalties for DUI offenders, as well as those penalties that may result to the impoundment of the vehicles of the offenders.

california dui laws administrative penalties

Administrative Penalties Under the California DUI Laws:

• As per the California DUI laws first offense, the offender faces the suspension of driver’s license for a minimum time of 4 months.
• It is compulsory for the guilty to give the alcohol assessment in all cases, as it is also necessary for license reinstatement.
• One is also required to install an ignition interlock device.
• If you drive with a restricted license while with a pending license reinstatement, you have to show SR-22 insurance coverage.
Criminal Penalties Under Old and New DUI Laws in California:
• There is a compulsory three-day incarceration for the first offense conviction that can extend up to 6 months.
• The fines imposed on guilty according to the California DUI laws vary from $1,000 to $1,600 but there are some additional charges also.
• Your record will contain the convictions for the time period of 10 years.

california dui laws first offense criminal penalties

California DUI Impound Laws
Under this law, when you get accused of DUI offense, the government can even take away your vehicle or impound it under their custody. They even have authority to sell it off.
If a person breaks some specific rules and is sentenced to up to six months imprisonment for a first offense, and up to twelve months imprisonment for a second or subsequent multiple offense, then his vehicle is impounded.

Qualifying Vehicle Impoundment Violations
1. Driving of a vehicle when one’s license has been suspended or cancelled.
2. Driving recklessly without following any rules, damaging personal or others’ property, causing death of another person, and causing an accident, and if it is done within 7 years of a conviction for:
* Driving recklessly with an intake of some drug at a speed of 100 mph or above
* Drinking and driving
* The case of driving after drinking alcohol or with an intake of some drug or both and the driver injures some other person
* Accidentally killing someone while driving
* Accident when done intentionally to claim insurance resulting in death of someone
3. As per the California DUI Impound Laws, the vehicle that has undergone any of the above violations will be imposed as a lien.

Thereafter, according to the California DUI Laws, the guilty has to undergo criminal proceedings.
It is obvious that California laws are strict in implementing cases of DUI. This is very understandable, considering the several DUI-related injuries and deaths the state has faced over the years.