According to reports from the American Academy of Pediatrics, protection from the sun is needed for all babies under the age of six months if they will be in any situation where being out in direct sunlight. Being exposed to sunlight is seemingly unavoidable thus getting sunscreen is completely necessary says AAP. Finding California Baby sunscreen with its list of all natural ingredients and reading the medical endorsement makes this a good find for parents of a baby. If you are wondering where to buy California Baby sunscreen, there are quite a number online vendors that carry this popular brand. You may check out the top sunscreen ratings online.

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Why Use California Baby sunscreen?

While using sunscreen is common for children and adults, it wasn’t until recently that California Baby sunscreen really gained such popularity – after studies showed that due to an infant’s fragile skin, they are much more susceptible to skin damage from the sun than adults and older children are. As skin damage is a progressive problem, using sunscreen at an early age will lessen the chances of developing problems later in life with illnesses such as skin cancer and melanoma.

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Fragrance Free, Chemical Free

After searching online and looking into different brands of sunscreen, having found an impressive listing of California Baby sunscreen reviews made me look a little further into this sunscreen. With no fragrance or scent, it is less likely to irritate the tender skin of babies. Unlike many sunscreens aimed at adults which tend to have mild to moderate fragrance notes and often contain more than a few chemicals, the California Baby sunscreen is engineered to be ultra gentle on the skin and don’t irritate the eyes.

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Looking For A Better Deal?

If you’re on a tight budget, like many of us are lately, you’re probably wondering where you can find a better deal. If you’re looking for a good California Baby sunscreen coupon, check online by doing a simple internet search or sign up with their website or like their Facebook page. You can even find sellers on eBay, if you’re looking for a good bargain. For those ardent bargain hunters out there, there are many deals and discounts to be had – and it never hurts to even write an email to the site telling them how much you appreciate the great product that California Baby sunscreen is and that you’d like to continue being a loyal customer. Many people don’t realize the power of positively commenting on a company’s product. You’re likely to get fast-tracked on deals and promotions they run, and save you valuable money in the long run.

Chemical Free With All-natural California Baby Sunscreen

Best For Your Baby

Finding a quality skin care product for your baby is not as easy as it sounds and finding something to protect their fragile skin when you take them outdoors is difficult. Knowing that you can trust the health of your baby’s skin to California Baby sunscreen is a small relief on the path of new parenthood. Being able to trust an all natural product isn’t easy, but using such a well respected and well reviewed skin care line like California Baby.