If you want to do your part to help the planet and keep plastic bags out of landfills, then you need Calico bags to help you with your commitment to our big green planet. Did you know that plastic bags have become so numerous that they are littering our waterways, killing sea life? Did you know that there are over seven dead zones in the ocean now due to the litter and trash that didn’t end up in landfills, but in our oceans instead, killing plankton and other low life forms in the food chain, that end up also killing bigger fish and even whales and dolphins? Just because your neighbor uses plastic bags at the grocery store, doesn’t mean you need to carry on with the insanity, nor do you need to carry frumpy, outdated tote bags that tear easily or look ratty quickly. Calico shopping bags are made to last, are fashionable, fun and also help save the environment.

wooden calico bags

Although some states are even considering a ban on plastic bags, this is not necessarily the answer to a better environment. Even when plastic bags are forced into retirement, our use of paper bags which cost valuable resources to make, forces us to use more of our beautiful trees instead. Is that really an answer? If you use Calico bags instead, you aren’t causing the trees to be mowed down, nor are you filling the landfills and oceans with plastic. Isn’t that something you want to be proud of doing? You can get custom Calico bags too. You can make your bags something close to your heart with your own design, your own photos or even your own poetic quotes reminding people about their responsibility to Mother Nature. You can turn your shopping trip into your own personal crusade against destroying the precious resources of the planet.

calico reusable shopping bags

Calico bags are fun, easy to order, and last a long time. You can have multiple Calico tote bags to use for the super big shopping trip to Costco or Sam’s, or to the farmer’s market. You can take your bags with you when you go to other stores, too, not just grocery stores. Inspire others to go green with your adorable, reusable non-polluting and long lasting shopping bags. You can be both a fashion statement and a political statement. With just one small change in your shopping habits, you can make a big difference in your environmental impact. Calico bags can help you be the champion of the places in nature you want to preserve.