With their vibrant colors, large leaves and resilient growth, Caladium bulbs are a popular choice amongst both beginning and experienced gardeners alike. Planting Caladium bulbs is a simple, affordable way to add beauty to any landscape, flower bed or indoor planter. While they are easy to grow, these tropical plants do require care and attention while they are establishing their roots and initial growth. However, once they are established, you can look forward to beautiful red, white, pink and green leaves throughout the year in many climates.

essential tips on how to grow caladium bulbs

The popularity of Caladium bulbs make them easy to find in a variety of locations. Common places that offer Caladium bulbs for sale include:

  • Local Greenhouses
  • Home improvement stores
  • Online bulb retailers
  • Mail-order Caladium bulbs wholesale providers

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Basic Knowledge on Caladiums

The Caladium is native to Brazil. This means that it prefers a warm, humid and shady environment to truly thrive. Fortunately, this is an easy environment to find in most climates. The trickiest part of growing Caladiums is the planting process. When performed properly, these plants will grow as long as temperatures remain above freezing. Common steps to planting Caladiums include:

  1. Choose the proper bedding. Potting soil or bedding should be warm prior to planting Caladium bulbs. The soil should be damp, but not soaked, and nutrient rich.
  2. Space your bulbs properly. Due to their large leaves, bulbs should be placed at least one foot apart. This prevents crowding once the bulbs have matured.
  3. Dig your holes.Two-inch holes are ideal for Caladium bulbs. Including bone meal or other nutrients within the hole can encourage growth and rooting.
  4. Place the bulbs. Bulbs should be placed within the hole with the eyes facing up. This will ensure quick rooting and growth.
  5. Fill the hole and water generously. Take care to avoid excessive watering. Soil should remain damp but not soggy. Excessive watering can lead to bulb rot.

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Within just a few weeks, you should notice growth in your Caladium bulbs. In most cases, a bulb will be established within four to six weeks. If you live in a climate with a particularly cool Winter and Spring season, planting indoors a month before the final anticipated frost will allow for easy transplanting to a flowerbed and help you make the most of your growing season.

Once grown, placing and caring for Caladium bulbs is simple. These steps should help your Caladiums flourish in a variety of environments:

  • Fertilize monthly. Using a basic liquid fertilizer will provide the need nutrients for the plant to remain vibrant and healthy. If growing indoors, consider fertilizing every two to three weeks.
  • Clear dead or damaged leaves and stems regularly. This will promote proper growth and increase the overall size of the Caladium.

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  • Trim yellow foliage regularly. After the main growing season, parts of the plant might turn yellow. Removing these sections will help the plant to survive longer while creating a pleasing appearance.
  • Winterize by removing bulbs before frost occurs. Storing the Caladium bulbs in a dark, dry area will allow you to replant the bulbs the following season. Remove all foliage before storing for optimal results.