There are many Cadillac rims available for the casual owner or hobbyist. Aside from the sizes, there are Cadillac rims for sale for each particular model. If you have an Allante, Escalade, SRX, DTS or other Cadillac then rest assured there’s a custom set available for your vehicle.

Whether you’re looking for aggressive-styling, youthful exuberance, classic design or just an OEM replacement the options are vast. Be sure to price shop your quote once you have it because the tire and rim industry is a competitive one allowing for a consumer-weighted advantage.

gold vogue tyre wide trac touring white

Types And Features Available

Below are a few of the more common Cadillac rims available and some features. Bolt patterns, overall dimensions, and metal or alloy finishes vary. These will depend heavily on the type of Cadillac you have and the model rim you prefer. For specific questions about what will fit your vehicle, call your local Cadillac dealership.

  • Cadillac Escalade Rims

You have your option from 16″ wheels all the way up to 22″ without many issues sourcing these. Spacing and other modifications will have to be made beyond this point. You can go with five or seven-spoke rims here and go for chrome or silver finishes. The Cadillac Escalade rims also come in brushed aluminum and you can have a powder coated black which lends an aggressive look to a black painted Escalade.

genuine cadillac chromed rims

  • Cadillac Deville Rims

From 1996-2007 you have a 5×114.3 bolt pattern and a 34 to 45 offset. The rim packages are commonly available from American Racing and Advanti. You may also find some custom rims for these Cadillacs from popular brands such as Enkei and Konig.

  • Chrome, Silver, Brushed Aluminum

These are most popular material types for Cadillac rims. Chrome is the shiniest. Silver describes the light colored finish of the alloy and brushed aluminum has a nice sheen to it. However, brushed aluminum does compromise the rust-resistance of the material.

favorite wire wheel cadillac seville

Shopping Guide

You’ll need some basic information to see to it that you have a successful Cadillac rims shopping experience. Here are some guidelines.

  • Know your current tire and rim sizes. Be mindful of how many lug bolts hold up your tire and the pattern they are in as well.
  • For oversized brakes and other modifications you may need a customized option. There are spacers that will allow for a better fit for your rims in special cases.
  • Search forums and online reviews. Before you make any purchase at all, listen to what the market is telling you. Ask other Cadillac owners in forums which rim and tire sizes they chose for their vehicles. Then ask about ride quality and cost. You can save yourself a lot of hassle by asking those who have more experience than you.
  • Make sure you purchase center caps for all your rims and that the given pricing reflects all the rims you wish to buy. Be careful with this as some manufacturers list their pricing per wheel and it is common to mistake that as a quote for all four tires.

30-inch rim cadillac deville

These tips will be extra useful once you’ve decided to buy the best Cadillac rims you deemed necessary.