The Cabrio Washer is a series of top loading washing machines made by leading manufacturer Whirlpool. They are at the higher, more expensive end of the scale, catering to large families who need to get a lot of washing done.

Cabrio Washers are also well known for their big capacities and ability to easily clean comforters and other bed sheets that simply would not fit in a smaller top loader or front loading washing machine. In fact Whirlpool offers the largest capacity washing machines anywhere on the market.

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What makes them even more appealing is the fact that they have a large capacity despite only occupying as much floor space as a smaller capacity top loader. For example, the Whirlpool Cabrio Washer WTW6600SW has a 4.5 cubic foot washer but will only take up floor space equivalent to 27 x 42 x 28 inches. The bulk of this machine is even more substantial than the extremely costly LG models which can only boast 4.0 cubic foot washers.

cabrio washer and dryer set

Every Whirlpool Cabrio washer is designed to use HE or High Efficiency laundry detergents which are friendlier to the environment because they reduce water usage which in turn reduces energy costs. You can also purchase a matching Cabrio washer and dryer in a few different colors or styles including white, black or bisque. Some even come with transparent glass lids so that you can see your clothes being washed in real time. You can also find a Cabrio Washer with a finish called Diamond Dust, which is like a sparkling, stainless steel appearance that is quite stylish indeed.

The Cabrio washer is not without its problems though. Aside from their obvious expensive price tag and bulk, the high efficiency detergent that you need to use can be twice as much as regular detergent and we haven’t even touched on the mechanical issues yet.

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Some other Cabrio washer problems include alarming things like tearing holes in clothes while they are being washed, and premature rusting of the tub which inevitably ended up on the clothes also. A few other people reported faults with the bearing system in the tub; bulky cycle setting tearing up clothes and left them unwashed; resorting to the very loud normal wash cycle that sounded louder than a jet engine and other concerns.

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These faults are further exacerbated by the limited 1 year warranty as they do not tend to arise until after the warranty has expired, leaving you with a very expensive repair bill. Many other buyers of many different models of Cabrio washer have also reported that Whirlpool themselves provide poor customer service and do not stand behind their products at all.

Looking for Whirlpool Cabrio Washer reviews online is a wise choice and should satisfy your curiosity about this product. It would also be wise to check other particular Whirlpool model you were thinking of purchasing to get an idea of its performance and possible faults.