Now again, Buzz Lightyear is back at the top with his ultra-powered wings that can speed you away to infinity and beyond!  Kids of all ages and sizes can now enjoy being Woody’s trusty sidekick and everyone’s favorite Space Ranger, with the groundbreaking Buzz Lightyear Wing Pack that is packed with features that will surely captivate your child’s heart and mind.

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Wing Pack

The Buzz Lightyear Wing Pack for kids comes in a backpack shape that children can just slip on like a knapsack. Handy and trendy, it is truly an awesome accessory that kids can carry with them wherever they may be. Comfortable and stylish, this motorized Buzz Lightyear wing pack will open up at the touch of a button and expand to about 31 inches wide. With another press on the chest plate trigger, the wings will close again. Ready-made, simple and child-friendly, kids would never have a hard time figuring out how it will work or how to build it up, for with just a click on the trigger, they are now off to some good time saving the world from evil villains!

In addition, Buzz Lightyear backpack with wings is made with an adjustable harness and is doubled with soft shoulder straps that provide utmost comfort and safety to kids while they play with it. Moreover, it has sensors, which can detect ?flying? attitude and will automatically emit off sound effects to go with it. Lastly, the Buzz Lightyear Wing Pack features motion-activated flying sounds and phrases uttered by Buzz Lightyear himself, making kids feel like they are authentic space rangers off to save humanity. With the Buzz Lightyear wings pack, kids can also hear their favorite hero, Buzz best lines from the animated flick, Toy Story, making it a surefire way to re-create the movie and soar off to the unknown with their favorite hero, Buzz. But then, this wing pack won’t really give kids the ability to really fly, but it could spice up their imagination with the boundless possibilities it holds.

buzz lightyear backpack with wings ideal gift

Weighing only at about 1.75 lbs., the Buzz Lightyear Wing Pack can be bought for children aged 4 years up. No charging is necessary, you just have to pop in 4 AA batteries in it and it is good to go. It is truly a must-have for both kids and kids-at-heart! So hurry grab one at the nearest toy shop and join Buzz Lightyear in his mission to keep the entire galaxy safe from all villains! Imaginative, action-packed role-playing has never been this fun and handy!