In the height of space exploration, the name Buzz Lightyear has made a mark in the hearts and minds of kids and kids-at-heart. The space ranger, Buzz Lightyear, had first made his debut in Pixar’s animated toy flick, Toy Story, wherein he was made real by the voice of Tim Allen.  However, Buzz Lightyear’s appearance in the screens does not end there for he is also now available in your gaming consoles, televisions, laptops, and personal computers with Buzz Lightyear video and video games.

buzz lightyear video clips Toy Story

Woody’s ever-trusty sidekick and robot superhero has several Buzz Lightyear video clips, videos, and video games attached to his belt. He has appeared in many Toy-Story themed video games, and several more Buzz Lightyear videos and is usually voiced by Patrick Fraley in these games. For the TV series in which Buzz is present, Patrick Warburton is dubbing him.

Buzz Lightyear video game adaptations and spin-offs vary in story lines and themes. Also, with the influx of more and more gaming consoles, previous versions have been updated to cater to the needs of everyone. Examples of this are, Buzz Lightyear: Attack on Zurg, which is a video console game that was intended for Super Nintendo gaming consoles and was released at the start of Toy Story 2. This Buzz Lightyear video was the game played by Rex the dinosaur, wherein Buzz has his head smashed his head to smithereens by Zurg’s laser beam. Another example would be Buzz Lightyear of Star Command video game, which was based on the series of the same name, was published by Activision, and was then released in 2000 for MS Windows, Dreamcast, Game Boy Color, and PlayStation. The story of this game revolves around Buzz Lightyear as he chased down the various villains from the show and overpowering them all with his weapon of different color codes. The series revolved around Buzz Lightyear and the other Space Rangers’ attempts in upholding peace and order in the Galactic alliance.

Toy Story buzz lightyear video

Buzz Lightyear video clips and scenes are also present everywhere. With the many adaptations of the Toy Story movie and its several sequels and versions, more and more clips with Buzz Lightyear and the Toy Story Gang are released in the web. Truly, the name Buzz, has not only captivated the hearts of kids from the past but his memory and influence still continues today and will surely remain for more kids of incoming generations to enjoy and relish.