Buzz lightyear toys are action figures that are all the rage not only among children but also among more mature collectors. The creation of the Buzz lighyear toys has been inspired from the animated series by Disney Pixar called Toy Story. He is one of the main characters who appear in all the movies of this series.

buzz lightyear Toy Story toys

Toy Story has become a brand in itself with various items like pencil boxes, bags, plates, cups, etc. being sold with their logos or graphical images of their characters. Buzz lightyear is basically a space ranger who forms a part of a child’s nursery. He is said to have special powers and runs on battery like most toys. Buzz lightyear toys for sale can be found at most major toy stores apart from being available online. The official websites of toymaking companies or sellers like eBay or Amazon may be visited to source Buzz lightyear toys.

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There are many different toy making companies that are engaged in the manufacture of Buzz lightyear action figure toys. Some of the quality ones include Hesbro and Mattel, Thinkway and Disney Pixar itself. Some of the new buzz lightyear toys have amazing features like the ability to fly with a battery operated jetpack. The jetpack is fitted onto the back of all the Buzz lightyear toys, which allows the toy to fly a few inches above the ground. There is also a remote control that can be used to control its movement.

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Buzz lightyear toys are an exact imitation of the character in the movies and some of the toys are even equipped with the ability to speak. A recorded voice is fed into the toy that is just like Tim Allen, the actor who is the voice of the character in the series. A button can be pressed to hear the oft repeated phrase by this character in the movie “To Infinity….and Beyond”. Lots of young kids are sure to be thrilled by the number of exciting features that the Buzz lightyear toys come with.

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The Buzz lightyear toys are basically green and grey in color. The body of the figure is covered with a space suit complete with an astronaut’s helmet. Buzz’s character is also said to be loosely inspired by the real life NASA astronaut named Buzz Aldrin. Many children across America who have grown up watching the Toy Story movies have loved all the parts of this hit animation movie. Thus, there is a ready market for Buzz lightyear toys among people who wish to purchase anything that reminds them of their favorite characters. Buzz lightyear toys have been in manufacture since almost a decade now and since their inception, there have been many additional features added to the figures thus further enhancing their popularity.