Pet shops are usually full of various kinds of treats and chew sticks for dogs. But there a specific kind of chew sticks that might come across as strange and these are the bully sticks. They are also not very popular and many pet owners don’t know about them. Bully sticks are basically bulls’ reproductive organs that are slaughtered off the bulls after death. They are then dried vertically so that all the fluids are drained. This drying also ensures that the odors are all gone and what remains are odorless bully sticks. In the natural state, a bull’s reproductive organ is about 24 inches long but it can stretch up to 40 inches to the maximum. After drying, the reproductive organ is stretched to the maximum extent and then smoked with liquid smoke for the flavor. It is then either supplied as it is to the market or in some cases, cut, shaped, knotted and braided bully sticks are sent out to make them look more attractive than they actually are.

free range all natural bully sticks

What made bully sticks popular?

  • The main reason you should buy bully sticks is that your canine friend will love them. Dogs simply enjoy these sticks and thus, even if you don’t like the idea of it, you must consider the likes of your pet. You don’t need to be revolted by them anyway because as aforementioned, they are odorless and will not give out any kind of foul smell to repel you.
  • They have low fat content, around 80% of crude protein and 20% moisture. They can be digested easily.
  • They are a great alternative to direct rawhide because they can be completely eaten away and don’t break at all.
  • They can keep your dog engaged for many days. In fact, bully sticks for small breeds can last for many weeks together. Large breeds however can stay busy with them for a good number of hours.
  • The benefit over chew toys and other chew sticks is that they can’t be torn away in a couple of minutes. Once the dog manages to break the chew sticks, he will easily finish it off. Bully sticks on the other hand don’t allow that and thus last much longer. They will keep your dog away from your socks and shoes for a very long time.
  • In the market you will find many different sizes of bully sticks. You can choose based on the age of your dog and the breed. Bully sticks for puppies should ideally be only four inches long. For adults and larger breeds you can choose seven and eight inches. The even bigger breeds can be given twelve-inch long bully sticks.

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When you look for bully sticks, make sure you buy an ideal brand like the Himalayan dog chew to make sure you are buying only what is safe and not putting your dog’s health in danger.