Speaking about men’s casual footwear, there are abundant varieties. There is a thin line between being dressy and casual. There are popular choices available and these are extremely versatile. Casual shoes are comfortable to wear and suitable for casual occasions.

best type mens slip-on casual shoes

Popular Styles

There are distinct styles of men’s casual footwear, but may lead you to have a complicated time. The fashion alters regularly and the styles that are great today may be terrible the next day. There are styles that are always popular in fashion and they are:

  • Slip On: This is one of the basic men’s casual footwear suitable to go shopping or even around your home or to your neighbor’s home. Slip-ons also include leather shoes, clogs and sporty shoes.
  • Sneakers: These are well-liked as they offer complete support to your foot and make them ultra cozy. This is not for office, but good for weekends and evenings. Sneakers come in various sizes, styles and materials and are favored choice for parties and sports.
  • Canvas Shoes: These are the finest shoes going with everything. It goes with shorts or denims exuding casual self esteem. They are also referred to as boat shoes.

Men’s casual footwear needs to be comfortable and sneakers go well with jeans and T-shirt. In fact, ankle length boots are also popular choices. Another popular style includes the bowling shoes that attract fashion conscious men and are a hot choice. These shoes come in dual colors such as brown and beige, black and red with patterned stitching, thick laces and lace holes.

Other Popular Styles

Men’s casual footwear includes many more and to name a few that are quite popular and versatile include:

  • Loafers: These suit formal and casual places, regardless of the clothes to match your outfit.
  • Sandals: The most popular casual style found in different materials such as canvas, leather and suede.
  • Casual Shoes: This is ideally worn with shorts, T-shirts, khakis and jeans. Ideal to put or take off shoes quickly.
  • Sporty Casual Shoes: These are comfy and very relaxed and its athletic features are truly attractive in the breathable fabric. They suit physical activity and are great during summers as well.
  • Work Boots: This is for physical labor work that does not add stress to your body. It should have thick soles, but needs to be comfortable and lightweight.

contemporary womens slip-on canvas shoes

Popular Brands

Popular brands include Bogs, Lacrosse, Pro Line, Sperry Top Spider and many more. All these big brands come in different styles are known for excellent collection. Bogs footwear is ideal to rain boots offering more comfort and flexibility. Lacrosse is a special line suitable for extreme weather conditions. Pro line offers duck boot styles, while Sperry Top sider is for boating.

Timberland is known for its shoe brands and durability, besides its competitive price. It has an array of shoes covering slip-ons and boat shoes. Timberland boat shoes ensure the wearer is comfortable and offers firm grip. These products offer customized type shoes and the modest prices and a variety of colors is the attraction.

Though shoes are not the single criterion deciding your personality, they are certainly a great boost. Go for the right style and notice the difference.