Asics shoes are among the most recognizable shoe brands in the world of sports. The company is known to manufacture shoes that are used in the various sporting activities all over the world. The shoes have gained worldwide popularity because of their unique designs, varying uses and comfort. In order to meet the demand for their shoes and satisfy various customers, Asics manufactures Asics womens shoes, mens shoes and kids’ shoes.

multi-colored irresistible asics running shoes

Brief History

Asics was started in 1949 by Kihachiro Onitsuka, as the Onitsuka Company in Kobe, Japan. Onitsuka did not have any experience in making shoes. The company started by manufacturing basketball shoes, which were well received in the market because of their unique features and comfort. Due to its growing popularity, the company started making other sports shoes and in 1951 they started manufacturing volleyball shoes.

With the coming of Olympics in Tokyo in 1964, the Onitsuka Company gained international acclaim when an athlete the company sponsored won an Olympic gold medal. This led to an increased demand of the shoes thus generating more revenue for the company. In 1977, a merger of Onitsuka Company with JELENK and GTO resulted in the birth of the Asics Corporation. To date, Asics is considered one of the largest sports footwear manufacturers in the world.

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Asics shoes are available for use in a variety of sports. The company manufactures shoes according to particular sports, which they sell to the various sports people. Their shoes are mainly used for running purposes but the uses have extended to use in golf, volleyball, wrestling, tennis, cheerleading, badminton, squash and netball among other sports. Below is a list of Asics footwear that is available in the market

  • Asics running shoes – They come in different designs and styles all to provide comfort and support when running. A good example is the Asics gel running shoes, which have a gel layer between the in-step and soles. They are comfortable as they have a cushioning effect against impact on the ground.
  • Asics tennis shoes –. They are comfortable and have good grip, which makes for proper support and traction in clay or greens
  • Hockey shoes – they are lightweight and have good grip and provide ankle support to meet the demands of the sport
  • Training shoes – these Asics shoes are made to be used for indoor training purposes such as in weight lifting, cardio exercises and even aerobics. They are comfortable and lightweight.
  • Asics wrestling shoes – if you are into wrestling, these are the shoes to go for. They are made to provide good grip on the wrestling mat and support the ankles which are very vulnerable in the sport.

When purchasing Asics shoes, take the following into consideration:

  • Size of the shoes
  • Cost of the shoes
  • Intended use of the shoes
  • Cushioning of the shoes

Other than shoes, Asics also manufacture sports equipment and apparel.