Braun razors have well and truly earned their place in the electric shaver industry. Their products are at the forefront of technological innovation but most importantly, their electric razors actually work and they are backed by a solid customer support and warranty guarantee. The company was started by Max Braun in the 1920s but manufactured radios for the first 30 years or so. While a prototype electric razor was created as early as 1938, the disruption of World War II meant that the development was delayed until decades later. It wasn’t until the 1950s that Braun started to develop their line of electric razors for which they would become so well known. Still, Braun razors continued to be a developed which proves their success today.

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Braun electric razors are usually designated by a number series, with the higher numbers being more representative of a high quality razor with more advanced features and performance. Much like the BMW naming convention, Braun razors can be found in either the 1,3,5 or 7 series classification. The 3 and 5 series are more basic than the 7 series electric razors but nevertheless they are still based on many years of research and development and are still highly regarded.

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One thing that is constant across the whole range though is the build quality and typical German reliability. All Braun razors are still to this day manufactured in Germany and as mentioned earlier, Braun stand behind their products 100%. The Braun razors’ series 7 range is the deluxe line of Braun electric razors and has various incorporated technologies like Pulsonic Technology, Smart Foil and Clean and Rewew system.

The pulsing motor of Braun razors assists in a close shave by helping to lift hairs off your face, and then the extremely sharp and precise Gillette blades do the rest without pulling at the hair which can cause those irritations that you get after shaving. Perhaps one of the most pleasing features of the Braun razors’ Series 7 is the Clean and Renew system which automatically cleans, dries and recharges the shaver after you are finished with it.

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If you already own a Braun razor and need to order in Braun razor parts, then it is as simple as going to the official manufacturer website and doing a search for the parts you need based on certain criteria like model number and product category. If you happen to know the 4 digit code number of the Braun razor replacement parts you need then you can also enter that into the system as this tends to be a quicker way to locate a part.

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If you need more convincing about Braun razors, then you should know that highly acclaimed magazine Men’s Health consistently rank it as one of the best shavers a man can own. Choose Braun razors for their decades of experience in making quality and comfortable shaving devices for both men and women.