Unwanted body hair is one problem that gives women nightmares and scares in the middle of a bright sunny day. Even men are nervous about unwanted body hair on the wrong day at the wrong time, but obviously not as much as women are. The biggest problem with body hair is, even when you know you need to get rid of them you are still scared of going through and taking them off. The reason is that some of these procedures can be quite painful. However, with the use of Braun epilator, this need not be the case anymore.

braun epilator for woman

Epilation is one procedure to get rid of unwanted body hair, which is not nearly as painful as the others. Epilation removes hair at the root level and as a result, you get smoother skin for a longer period of time. This is a process in which hair is mechanically plucked out by an electrical device like a Braun epilator. The mechanism of an epilator is similar to that of waxing, but by waxing, cells from the epithelium of the epidermis are also pulled out, which is prevented by an epilator. An epilator grasps multiple hairs at once and pulls them out. You may think this is painful too and it can be if you don’t use the right epilator like Braun epilator.

The Braun epilator removes hair from the root level very gently and softly such that you don’t experience any pain and hair removal by epilation is not a painful experience for you. The Braun epilator range has four different epilators. The Silk-epil Xpressive epilator, Braun’s best and most gentle epilator yet. The Silk-epil Xelle epilator is for superior efficiency and comfort. The Silk-epil SoftPerfection epilator is for gentle epilation. Then there is the Silk-epil EverSoft epilator for easy epilation. There is a Braun epilator for face too, the 7681 Braun epilator, which comes loaded with features, especially for removal of facial hair.

wet and dry braun epilator for face

Another Braun epilator is the Braun epilator 5270. It is a perfect all round hair removal solution. It comes loaded with features such as Active Massage rollers that glide smoothly over the skin, Smartlight, which highlights every hair so you don’t miss any, as well as a 40 tweezer system that takes away the tiniest hair and an additional shaver head with OptiTrim attachment to maintain beautifully smooth skin for days.

The Braun epilators reviews from customers have always ranged from encouraging to great. Once you use a Braun epilator, you’ll discover the difference yourself. The painless experience of a Braun epilator is simply unmatched by any other epilator. You’ll also notice that they are easy to use and maintain. They leave no hair behind and give you a perfect and smooth hairless finish. So, the next time you think of epilation, don’t cringe. Use a Braun epilator and have smooth, flawless and glowing skin all over your body.