As far as cool knobs and pulls are concerned, solid brass is considered one of the best material for home and bed hardware. When we speak about cool knobs and pulls, solid brass material can appear like silver when polished. Brass can mask the tone of gold but not in all cases. It can range in color from silver, to bronze, to gold and can make your cool knobs and pulls look outstanding.

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Since time immemorial, brass had been highly considered as a malleable material and is a very good material to use for cool knobs and pulls. The combination of alloy, zinc and copper makes it possible for brass to be used in different applications. The reason why brass is a top pick for cool knobs and pulls is because of its high resistance to tarnish.

Speaking of tarnish, you can have it lacquered if you really want your cool knobs and pulls to last. Unlacquered brass has a tendency to tarnish right away, therefore, for your cool knobs and pulls, always put on lacquer after you have polished the brass material. Since we have discussed much about brass knobs and puls, it actually comes in different forms, that is; oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, chrome and even the plain polished and antique brass.

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Brass being a user friendly material is really a great choice for your cool knobs and pulls because it is known for durability. Plastic might be resistant to breaks and you can consider for your knobs or pulls as well. Another option which is also popular is the thinner coated with brass material but the disadvantage is it could easily tarnish. You know that cool knobs and pulls are often banged, pulled, prone to scratches and are treated harshly everyday therefore they require a durable material to last.

That is why choosing your cool knobs and pulls means selecting durability as well as appearance. You may experiment in your home by selecting a theme. Cool Knobs and pulls made of brass are available for your door, window and general home hardware. Always remember, choose durability over appearance. Choose brass for your cool knobs and pulls.