Brake Caliper Paint: The Beauteous Way of Taking Care of Your Car

A car is often times an object in which you really work hard to acquire. It is just appropriate to take care of it. Now, there is a way to care for your car and at the same time enjoy a wonderful experience of personalizing it. This is done by using brake caliper paint.

How? Brake caliper paint has a large collection of hues to choose from–each can literally express your mood and bring your car’s brake caliper to an elegant finish you aim for. But of course, this is not the main and only thing this paint can do for your car. There are much more benefits.

metallic custom brake caliper

The best things brake caliper paint can do for your car

As a car lover, there is nothing more exhilarating than to see your car in the greatest shape and style. This means elegant and glossy finish all over, down to its tires and even your car’s brake caliper. However, not all paints and glosses can really withstand the wear and tear brakes caliper and tires are exposed to. Fortunately, brake caliper paint is no sissy for any road’s bumps as it can provide you with the following advantages:

  • Does not overheat easily. The break caliper is made to withstand up to 98 degrees of heat temperature. This is a property that is very advantageous to your brakes. Why? The friction between the tires and the brake pads can produce a lot of heat, not to mention the environmental heat your car is often exposed to. That is why paint that does not easily overheat with these factors can make you enjoy your car’s new look longer. This feature is also perfect if you are into racing or planning to join this kind of activity. This paint is one of the must-haves of racing cars.
  • Protects and reinforces your brake calipers. Brake caliper paint can make your brake caliper stronger. The paint’s cementing property has the ability to make the body of your caliper intact through all the road bumps your car encounters.
  • Style. Again, your car often bespoke of what kind of person you are. It is one of the things you can use to express yourself to the world. Brake caliper paint can provide you with a great glossy finish making your car look classy even without doing some frequent tire modification upkeep.
  • Keeps rust at bay. One of the main things brake caliper paint does is to seal out the moisture from your brake caliper with its hardener mix included in the paint set when you buy it. It can really protect your car’s brake caliper from deteriorating quickly.
  • Keeps unwanted agents off your brake caliper. The road is filled with things you do not want your brake caliper exposed to like harsh chemicals or corrosive oils. With the paint, you do not have to worry about splashing liquids on your car so much.

high temperature brake caliper

Common designs and hues

A brake caliper paint’s main feature is its ability to provide glossy and colorful finishes for your car’s brake caliper. You can choose any color to contrast or complement your car’s main color. The painted brake calipers can be seen thru alloy wheels with an open-spoke style. The colors available include bright red, mustard yellow, royal blue, shiny silver, lustrous gold, mystic black, citrus orange, simple white and innocent pinks. All of these colors are available in different hues and intensities that will surely be able to hit your sense of style.

high class painted brake caliper

Top brands you can choose from

You do not have to worry as to what type of brake caliper paint to buy. There are many brands available in the market that can really provide you with the quality finish you want. Two of the most popular brands you can go for are the G2 brake caliper paint and the Duplicolor brake caliper paint. These two brands have many similarities but also provide distinct features you might want specifically for your car.

If you want to add luster and a glossy finish, both brands can give you that. But, if you are looking for the best brake caliper paint for a deep juicy detail where you can clearly see a rich waxy finish, G2 brake caliper paint is the best. Duplicolor brake caliper paint is just next in the hierarchy of this waxy finish attribute.

Giving your tires a new look by painting the brake calipers is a big leap to personalizing and taking care of your car. You can use a simple paint brush for the application. It only takes five minutes to dry and you can then return the tires in place.

brake caliper paint job

This action of applying brake caliper paint will not only make your car look outstanding, you are also taking care of your investment.