Women sometimes ignore the fact that they have to check their bra size before buying one. They focus more on looking for a perfect style that will match up their preference. They always look for brassieres that will enhance their breasts and their cleavage. Looking good in these bras should come with feeling comfortable while wearing them. This is why choosing the right bra size is the first step in buying them. It is not always true that you have the same bra size. Over time, your breast size changes. This is also why you have to find your bra size before you buy them. But the question now is how do you measure bra size correctly?

essentials steps on using bra size calculator

You could use the bra size calculator. But in order to use the bra size calculator, you have to first do the following steps. First, you have to measure your band size. For you to be able to measure your band size, you have to have a pen and tape measure. Band size is the difference between the measure of your upper bust and your under bust. In order to know the measurement of your busts, you have to measure around your breast and around your back. Make sure that you do not hold the tape measure too tight or too loose in order to get the best result. Then after getting the results of the two, subtract them. If the difference between the upper and under bust is less than two inches, then the band size is the same as the measurement of your under bust. If the difference between them is more than two inches, you have to add two to three inches in order for you to get your band size.

Another step in order for you to use the bra size calculator is to get the measure of your fullest part of your breast or your breast size. In measuring your breast size, you have to measure around your chest and include the fullest part of your breast.

ways to measure your bra size

Input the above results in the bra size calculator and it will automatically give you your bra size which includes your cup size. Cup size, on the other hand, is the difference between your band size and your breast size. It is categorized by letters AA, A, B, C, D, E, F and G. The smallest cup size is A and the largest is G.

Remember, right bra sizing is an important key in making yourself comfortable with the bra that you are wearing. So, measure your bra size now in order for you to look and feel good.