Boxing is one of the oldest Olympic sports, and in the amateur game, all boxers are required to wear boxing headgear as the main objective to show skill and technique and not to cause damage.

Boxing is often seen to be violent and brutal, but this is not the whole story, and in fact it is a very popular sport for all types of people due to its physical and mental benefits. Boxing has long been seen as a great way to exercise the whole body, and when practiced in the right way, can be a good way to develop mental strength, too.

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Basic Essentials in Boxing Equipment

  • Gum shield: a gum shield is worn to protect the teeth and jaw from the impact of the punches. This not only prevents boxers from losing teeth, but also lowers the chance of a knockout.

  • Boxing Gloves: Boxing gloves are used in order to lower the impact of the punches to the body, and to protect the hands from the repetitive impacts endured.

  • Wrist Straps: The wrists and hands are strapped up underneath the gloves in order to protect the bones.

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  • Boxing Headgear: headgear is required for all amateur boxing, and is worn in order to protect the head from repeated impacts.

  • Boots: The boots worn by boxers are specially designed to protect the ankles from rolling over.

Boxing Headgear Requirements

There are a number of legal requirements that must be adhered to for any amateur boxer wishing to get into the ring. Only the best boxing headgear is approved by the boxing governing body, and this is the boxing headgear that has been passed through rigorous testing to ensure that is adequately protects the wearer. There will be specific requirements for different boxing associations and at different levels, so it is best to check with your local association before purchasing.

The primary function is to keep your head protected from the blows encountered, but after this, you also need to consider comfort, as you do not want the boxing headgear to become a hindrance to you if it does not fit correctly. Correct fitting of boxing gloves and headgear is essential for your safety, so ensure that you spend time looking for the right equipment.

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How to Select the Correct Headgear

  • Make sure that you are fully aware of the specific regulations for your boxing association.

  • Look at the padding of the boxing headgear, the thicker the better, as you want it to fit snugly onto your head and provide the maximum amount of protection.

  • Try on the headgear to ensure the correct fit. It should be comfortable, and covers the forehead, temples, back of head and ears.

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  • Ideally, look for headgear that comes with padded cheek straps, as this offers extra protection.

  • Inspect the headgear to ensure that it is in good condition and does not have any loose stitching. This is especially important if you are purchasing a second hand one.

If you are unsure of which boxing headgear to purchase, reading a boxing headgear review could be a good idea to give you some more knowledge.